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Qualify For Last 16

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If we were to qualify for the last 16 would we get a couple of new signings?.

If we qulified for the Europa League would we get a couple of new signings?.


I'm not too excited about the Europa League this season,reason being we have a limited squad size,so unless Rangers are going to bring in a couple of new signings I think the Europa League would only damage our chances of retaining the SPL title,which is our main objective every season.


If we qualify for the last 16 then I don't expect us to go any further than that, and we'd probably earn just as much money,if not more?, not sure what the cash rewards are.

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For Walter I hope we do make the last 16 as that is the one thing he hasn't achieved yet. Also due to our squad size I wouldn't fancy our domestic chances if we were still competing on all fronts come April/May.


Get the money in the bank from the CL, win 3 in a row and strengthen for next season, Simples!

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Cant see any significant new signings in January, although a couple of squad players is a possibility to try to develop a bit of depth for the inevitable injuries and suspensions as a long season with a small squad starts to take its toll.


I cant also see Walter asking for, or getting, any significant money to spend on players given that he is supposed to be leaving 5 months later.

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Could we not get a decent loan signing or two in Jan ? Means we arent committed to them and with WS leaving that makes sense.


Yep, that was my thoughts. You can almost guarantee that there will be someone in the Premiership who is not getting a game at one of the big clubs who might fancy coming to us to win some trophies. Couple that with the decent chance of us still being involved in Europe...

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The fact that the 3 million or whatever it is for last 16 qualification may not be paid immediately could have a big impact on things.... Also, rather than spending in January, I think it's far more likely that extra money gained from getting to the last 16 would be kept for the summer to spend after we secure the SPL title. We haven't had to spend millions in the last couple of January windows to win the title, so we shouldn't need to do it this season. Of course, there's another factor as well: If we were to get 2 or 3 serious injuries, WS might have no choice but to buy a player or two, although as others have said, maybe loan deals would be the way to go, even in that hypothetical emergency situation. Another player or two of similar quality to Weiss certainly wouldn't be a bad thing.

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