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Diouf calls Brown a nobody

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EL HADJI DIOUF last night branded Celtic skipper Scott Brown a NOBODY.

The Rangers new boy accused Brown of trying to make a name for himself by taunting him into an Old Firm red card.

The pair clashed time and again in yesterday's explosive Ibrox thriller but Diouf said: "I refused to react. Why should I react to him? No one knows him - I'm too big and too strong for him."

Brown, who grabbed Celts' second equaliser in a pulsating Scottish Cup fifth round clash, was booked for an in-your-face celebration as he stood with arms outretched inches from Diouf.

But Diouf, whose own fiery temper has landed him in bother countless times, was determined not to rise to the bait.

He said: "Brown tried all sorts of things to get me sent off.

"He said some nasty things about me and my family on the pitch - but I am too big for him.

"He can say all the nasty things he wants. I won't react.

"He just wants publicity because if I react then people are going to say that El Hadji did something wrong."



Read more: http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/sport/spl/3395330/Who-are-ya.html#ixzz1DEJin9N6

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EL HADJI DIOUF insists Scott Brown was five years too late with his Old Firm insults.

Rangers star Diouf claims the Celtic skipper deliberately targeted him for verbal abuse in yesterday's thrill-a-minute Scottish Cup clash.

But Diouf, 30, has hit back at the Scotland midfielder - insisting there was no way Brown was going to provoke a reaction out of him.

The ex-Liverpool striker told SunSport last night he loved every minute of his first big derby game at Ibrox - despite the attention he got from Brown.

Diouf promised his days of responding to the stick he gets are over, as he fears letting down boss Walter Smith and his new team-mates.

He said: "I played my own game even though some people tried to wind me up. There was a lot said before the match, but I kept my nerve and was alright.

"Brown tried to wind me up right from the start of the game.

"He tried things to get me sent off, but I'm too strong for him.

"I am not here to give a headache to people.

"I am here to play my football and do everything I can to help Rangers win games. I know Brown tried to get me sent off, but that's OK.

"I know what is going to happen in every game I play here.

"It happened in England and it will happen in Scotland, I know people are going to try and get me sent off. But I tell you, I'm too strong for those people.

"I am mature now - I'm a big guy and I know what to expect.

"Maybe five years ago I would have reacted and done something to him and been sent off. But not now.

"I tell you right now, I am not going to let anyone down.

"I have a nice manager behind me in Walter Smith and nice team-mates behind me too.

"I don't want to disappoint them so that's why I am only focused on playing my football.

"I just want my manager to be happy with me outside the pitch and inside the pitch.

"I am not here in Scotland to react to things.

"I am here to win the league by helping my team-mates. Guys like Brown can do what they like.

"My job was to play well and if you look at it, how many good crosses did I put into the box? I did OK.

"I am going to score goals here, definitely, but the most important thing for me is my team wins game after game."

Brown and Diouf clashed repeatedly at Ibrox.

At one point the Scotland star urged the Senegal hitman to get on the ball and try to get past him when Sasa Papac was standing over a free kick.

Diouf also claims Brown insulted his family.



But the experienced frontman insists there was no way he was going to react, not even when Brown scored and celebrated by standing right in front of him.

He explained: "When Brown scored he came to me and did something, but I have been playing football a long time now. I am not a young boy any more.

"Brown said some nasty things to me on the pitch - things about me and my family - but I am too big for him.

"He can say nasty things about me and my family all he wants.

"I am too big for him, no one knows him. He just wants publicity because if I react then people are going to say El Hadji did something wrong to him.

"No one knows him so why should I react?

"I could have said something to the referee but I didn't do that." Diouf couldn't have handled his Old Firm debut any better from his own point of view.

Ignoring the flack, he also played well and showed his class. It was a big day for him, with the eyes of Scottish football glaring at him from the sidelines, but Diouf was pleased with the way he performed.

He said: "I feel good and also tired. But if you play football this is the game you want to play in.

"The atmosphere was amazing, unbelievable.

"I have played in many derbies in my life like Liverpool v Everton, Newcastle against Sunderland and Bolton v Blackburn. But Rangers against Celtic is the best.

"It's the biggest game I have ever played in my career, no question.

"The manager gave me confidence and the Rangers fans all love me."

Celtic now look to be favourites for the replay on March 2 at Parkhead, but Diouf insists there is no reason why Gers can't win through to the last eight.

He said: "We are a little bit disappointed by the result, but we know we can do a job in the replay.

"Nothing has been decided yet.

"We are still in the competition so why can't we win at their place?

"Last time Rangers played there they won so we can do it again."



Read more: http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/sport/spl/3395150/There-is-no-way-Id-let-a-NOBODY-like-Brown-wind-me-up.html#ixzz1DGCyuPeO



As you say EHD was quite right in what he says, and actually mature not to react. I really do hope EHD scores a winner against them as there could be riots.

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I was shouting for EHD to take the penalty right in front of the BHEASTS,after them showering him with coins when he took a corner they would have lost the plot if he had scored


That would've been great mate, he was one of the few postives yesterday for us, the others need to take a hard look at themselves. Sound like a broken record saying that this season.

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I noticed Lennon was right up to him at then end then the two of them participated in a putrid sniggling embrase that two bheasts would've been proud of.


I remember Aiden McGreedy trying to tease Gers players and fans with snidey comments after they won the league, it came back to bite him on the arse for two seasons.


Brown better watch himself, not that Gers players would stoop so low as the murky depths Celtic players go to to try get an easy rise out of someone.

But, i somehow have the feeling that someone, somewhere will get Brown back for the stupid celebration he done right in front of EHD yesterday. And when it happens, i'm willing to bet my house that Brown won't react in the same grace that the supposed "sewer rat" did yesterday!!

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Agree MF I think we will win the replay and then all 11 players should go up and stand in Browns face. The ref should have have taken more action against Brown as he was at it for the whole game.

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