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Meeting between Supporters Club and Rangers FC and Strathclyde Police


Last night, Thursday, Billy Montgomery of the Nithsdale Loyal RSC facilitated a meeting between around a dozen reps mainly from clubs in the Glasgow area.


Initially the meeting had been called as a result of media reportage which caused concern about the policing of the forthcoming Old Firm match.


Also present were club liaison manger Jim Hannah; Rangers FC security and safety executives David Martin and Robin Howe; and Andrew Bates the match commander at Ibrox from Strathclyde Police.


We were given the outline of the complaints to UEFA but no specifics as yet as it is still being worked on by Rangers legal people.


Very strong representations were made to the club and police stressing that fans want a level playing field with regards to policing, stewarding and consideration of fan behaviour. It is totally unacceptable that Rangers fans are treated as second class citizens.


Fan reps also stressed that we expected the club not only to defend itself to the fullest extent possible in this instance but to instigate changes in policy which will result in the ending of attacks on the club from the media or politically/religiously-motivated mischief makers.


Andrew Bates was then asked about the policing of the game in general and about changes to police/legislative policy in particular. With regard to the 35-strong undercover snatch squad mentioned in the Daily Record he said that was incorrect - he will have officers at his disposal whom he can send into the crowd should he feel the need. These will not be targeted at any one support or any one section of the ground.


Whilst he would not obviously be drawn into internal police matters we made it clear to him that it was intolerable that any group of fans should be allowed with impunity to sing the praises of terrorist groups for 90 minutes every second weekend, often within the Strathclyde force area. Likewise slogans and banners which are grossly offensive are simply not tolerated amongst the home support at Ibrox and we expect this to be the case in areas reserved for visiting fans.


It was likewise intimated that the imbalance in court procedure, procurator fiscal decisions and police tactics needed to be addressed to remove undue influence and that the opinions of Rangers fans in particular need to be listened to and heard in discussions from which we are presently excluded.


Preparations are being made for a meeting of supporters club reps on Sunday 1st May - once details are ready details will be sent out.

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Lads. There’s plain clothed cops at Ibrox for every single game, more at an OF game, this is not anything new, it was the Record stirring up shit.

We have our own football intelligence officers that know certain Rangers fans that get “lively” at games, i bet some of you didn’t know that too, but elieve me, all that has been done here is it been made known in a twisted way by the Record.

Don’t panic

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