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Rangers in clear over David Weir shirt

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RANGERS will not face any punishment from Fifa over captain David Weir's Royal Wedding shirt tribute.

Weir played against Motherwell on Saturday with his Rangers shirt embroidered on the front with the words: 'Congratulations William & Catherine 29th April 2011'.


It was suggested Rangers could face Fifa action because the gesture goes against its Law 4, which states: "The basic compulsory equipment must not contain any religious, political or personal statements."


SPL delegate Alan Dick reported the incident, but the SFA have stated they won't be taking it further. Now world football's governing body has said it is also happy to leave things be as is it is an "internal matter".



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Guest Dutchy

It really would have been news if the SFA took Weir and Rangers to task over a wee bit of celebration for a very public wedding and said nothing about the sanctioning, by remaining silent, over the filth about the troops at war.


OK, it's not on the field of play, but considering that their chairman, Lord Reid was the guy that sent them there, I'd have thouhgt there was something political about that.


But then again, what do I know about fairness?

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It's almost, (almost), a shame they didn't as it would have been a gigantic own goal for the SFA, for Celtic and our media.


They would have been absolutely pilloried by British politicians south of the border, the English media, hell probably the yanks and the rest of the world.

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Thank f@@k I can say 'Congratulations Wlliam and Catherine' - but why can't I say F@@k The Pope?


Because you will be open to arrest and could get Rangers a fine.

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