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Today's blatantly un-true transfer rumours.....

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So, today's rumours I've heard are as follows:


1. From a usually reliable source, that we're going to sign Hartson.


2. Zidane is keen to come here as a player coach, to be PLG's experienced player on the field before properly retiring at the end of this season.


3. That Cisse will be signing this week.


Silly season has begun!

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i wish geo:confused:


i heard a cracker from a tim today. quite obviously from the e tims rumour mill produced entirely of made up crap.... "kris boyd is the father of another rangers players wifes baby", AND "soti was booted out cause he was a poof".


i told him to shut the feck up and stop spouting pish, but he said it`s all over the tims websites and i said that was notjhin new as it`s typical of the scum to make up sad rumours cause they are infatuated with us!!!:rolleyes:

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Rangers to re-sign Albertz, Laudrup, Gascoigne, Van Bronckhorst and Mccoist. Bring back the good old days Rangers please !


Then our team would have the same average age of the tims

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