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gattuso desire to play for ..... milan

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The AC Milan midfielder was quoted in the press on Sunday as saying he would return to Rangers before he retired.


But, speaking on the Italian club's website on Tuesday, he assured fans he would end his career in Italy.


"I want to end my career at Milan and (president) Galliani knows it. For me, the only possibility is to end with the Rossoneri," the 28-year-old said.


Gattuso signed for Rangers in 1997 before being sold to Salernitana 18 months later.


After eight years at Milan, I do not see any other way but to finish my career at this club


Rino Gattuso


The midfielder was quoted at the weekend as saying he met Rangers chairman David Murray in August and told him he would be happy to return to Ibrox.


However, the combative midfielder, who is married to a Scot and contracted to AC Milan until 2011, said on Milan's website he did not want to follow Chelsea striker Andriy Shevchenko's example and leave the club.


"I want to relax all the tifosi - there will not be another Shevchenko case," Gattuso said.


"I do not have any problems being at Milan and will fight for this shirt.


"All I know is Scottish football appeals to me. But, after eight years at Milan, I do not see any other way but to finish my career at this club.


"In conclusion, I want to say that it would be difficult for me to leave a club like Milan, all the tifosi and the San Siro.


"I cannot forget what Milan has given me in my career."







gattuso needs to decide what he is doing instead of muckin around

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Who cares, he was shite then and he's still shite now, very very over rated.


Not going by his World Cup performances he isn't (shite that is).


ANd I also don't think he is over-rated either

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Barthez is anything but shite. Any player who plays for Marseille and Man Utd is not shite.


Anyone with 86 caps for France is not shite.


He makes errors, and I don't like him. But calling any professional shite is bad enough, nevermind it being someone with a credible career and nearly 100 caps for France.

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