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MAD jOE - Another Spewing Of Pish

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"I Strongly Suggest Celtic Supporters Avoid Bridgeton Cross on August 13th" by Joe O;Rourke from CSA


Glasgow City Council and the Police have come to what they believe to be an acceptable compromise on the decision to allow a number of contentious parades to pass by Celtic Park on the afternoon of August 13th.

Their decision to allow the parades to go ahead at an earlier time helps the situation, but is by no means the proper decision; the proper decision would have been to change the parades to a different date altogether; or better still; ban them full stop.

I would strongly recommend that Celtic supporters stay well clear of Bridgeton Cross that afternoon; both before and after the match; the place has a long history of being anti-Celtic; anti-Catholic; people have lost their lives there just for wearing Celtic colours; it will be best to avoid the place altogether; but if you have to pass through; then be very careful.

This latest decision is just one of a list of worrying decisions involving the Police, a couple of weeks ago the first person to be arrested for a football related internet offence was a Celtic fan who had referred to Walter Smith as an O***** B******, I find this quite amazing when the internet was full of pictures of Neil Lennon; either being blown up; or riddled in bullets; but no arrests were made.

Last week the Crown Prosecuting Service decided to drop the charges against David Goodwillie because of insufficient evidence; if the evidence was insufficient; why was he charged in the first place? Dropping the charges because of insufficient evidence doesn�t mean he�s not guilty; and of course I�m not suggesting he is. I read the story about the girl who was attacked by Goodwillie; she also received internet abuse; I don�t know of any arrests there either.

Then of course Sneaky Sally throws his hat in the ring to sign him; Strange !!!!! I think not; Sally had better make the most of it; because I doubt very much if he�ll last into the New Year. He must be very annoying to other managers when he keeps talking about signing their players who are under contract; and all for vastly undervalued amounts.

One thing he was successful with was getting an apology from the BBC; the same BBC who have refused to apologise to Celtic and their supporters for their comments about sectarian singing during the Scottish Cup Final.

The recent actions of the Police only go to highlight the need for a dramatic change in the proposed new legislation regarding offensive behaviour at a regulated football match in Scotland.

These proposals at present leave far too much to the interpretation of some beat cop; it�s a one law catch all scenario which I believe will make matters even worse. The whole point of the initial discussions was to reduce the amount of offensive behaviour at football matches; not for the Police to trawl the terraces arresting fans for supporting their team.

I don�t believe the Celtic support will have enough confidence in the Police to handle these situations with total impartiality; what we need is action against those who are offensive; what we don�t need is the criminalisation of ordinary supporters.



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We should all be grateful to Mad Joe O'Rourke for providing a window on to Planet Yahoo. Truly, nothing is ever what it seems.


Confused, you will be!


"The Crown Prosecuting Service"? What the fcuk has that got to do with Goodwillie?


In Planet Scotland, we have the Procurator Fiscal to decide if there is a case to answer. In England/Wales, there is the Crown Prosecution Service(CPS). Thus, we must assume Mad Joe thinks Armadale, West Lothian is located in England/Wales.


Poor, poor Joe, blinded by his balaclava.

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Someone please tell me that this guy isn't an official spokesperson or the head of anything. He's actually loony tune mental.


I believe Mad Joe to be President of ra Sellik Supporters Association(CSA).


The last President of the CSA was Jefferson Davis, and he ended up with his visog on many a paper bill.


Mad Joe hail hails from ra Port'/Greenock way, thus has water on the brain and believes in molasses, cotton, slavery, and the Confederate way.

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You've got to laugh that them deluded demented unwashed from cradle to grave, you wonder what the true sensible Catholics of Scotland think. The ones I would call friends just shake their heads in disbelief. Going by Mad Joe calling someone an Orange bastard is being an ordinary supporter so by that statement Joe your a Fenian prick am just an ordinary fan.

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One of the biggest semantic problems is that they think sectarianism ONLY means to slight someone who has a connection to Celtic, Ireland or Catholicism even if that connection is completely irrelevant. In contrast, abuse of people who have a connection to Rangers, Protestantism, anything orange, Britishness, unionism etc is considered by them to be a pure and divine pursuit that should be greatly applauded.


It so plain in his diatribe that:


Calling someone an "Orange Bastard" == good

Vilifying a bigoted, scrote of a Celtic manager due to his anti-social actions, who also happens to be Catholic and Irish == extremely evil sectarianism

Stitching up a Rangers manager on TV == good

Speaking up against singing anti-protestant songs which praise a terrorist organisation who like to kill protestants == evil


The thing I can't understand is that with arguments like that, it's pretty shocking that they get so much sympathy from the media, politicians and even judges - despite them not making the slightest bit of sense or rationality.


It seems a bit like the character in the wheelchair in Little Britain - people are too scared to say anything due to his perceived disability...

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