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NOT good enough for Manchester City, but too good for Rangers.


Roberto Mancini has plunged Vladimir Weiss' football career into limbo after ruling out a return to Ibrox for the Slovakian winger.


After falling in love with Gers, Weiss would walk back to Ibrox if he could.


But with one eye on the future, City boss Mancini wants Weiss to test himself at the best level possible.


And the 21-year-old has revealed Mancini insists that won't involve a return to Rangers because he doesn't rate the SPL.


Weiss, who played an important role in helping Gers win the title and League Cup last season, said: "I don't know what my future holds but I'm just waiting for the right club to come in for me.


"It's a waiting game for me but Rangers is not a possibility. I would loved to have gone back there.


"But I've not heard from them and I don't know if I was in Ally McCoist's plans this year.


"Mancini has said he wants me to play in one of the top leagues.


"I think he wants me to play in England, Spain or Italy. So that rules out Rangers for me.


"I'll have to find a club in one of those countries but I loved my time in Scotland. I have nothing but good memories of it.


"When I left Ibrox I said I would go back one day and nothing has changed in that respect. Rangers are really close to my heart.


"My situation means I'll be heading to another country now to play.


"But make no mistake, I want to play for Rangers again in my career - that's 100 per cent my aim."


Weiss got a rare run-out for City in Saturday's Dublin Super Cup win over a League of Ireland XI.


But with so many players to choose from in his massive squad it's likely Mancini will move on the younsgster before the end of the month.


Weiss was given pelters in Dublin by Celtic supporters who haven't forgotten the sight of him celebrating with Gers supporters.


But the player admitted he wouldn't have had it any other way.


He said: "I was expecting that from the Celtic fans. It was nothing serious and I enjoyed it.


"I'm just happy they remember me. It wasn't so bad really.


"It would have been worse if there had been a full house, but it was nothing I couldn't handle."


After five goals in 17 games for Gers in his loan spell, Weiss knows he made his presence felt at Ibrox.


After spending an entire season with guys like Allan McGregor, Steven Whittaker and Steven Davis, Weiss insists the fact they've signed new deals will prove the key to more Gers success.


And he believes securing the trio in the long-term is as crucial as any new face that comes through the front door of Ibrox.


Weiss said: "Those guys being tied down is just as important as bringing in a few signings.


"All of them played a big part in Rangers' success last season. It would have been a huge blow had they gone.


"Davis especially, because he is the best player at Ibrox. His performances last season were exceptional in almost every game.


"That's what you need from your key players and it's great they have all signed long-term deals.


"I don't really know the new lads but hopefully they can complement the strong core there is at Rangers and do well.


"That will stand them in good stead on all fronts."


Weiss enjoyed working with new Ibrox boss Ally McCoist when he was No2 to Walter Smith.


Now Coisty's the gaffer in his own right, the pressure is on for him to deliver.


And that pressure will increase hugely if Gers crash out of the Champions League against Malmo tomorrow night.


But Weiss is convinced McCoist is the only person who could have followed in the footsteps of Smith.


He added: "Ally was the right man for the job after Walter left.


"Ally is also a legend at Ibrox and he knows everything there is to know about Rangers.


"It's been a disappointing start, but he got his first victory against St Johnstone and I would love him and Rangers to go really far in the Champions League.


"Their squad is definitely strong enough to do well again this year at home and in Europe.


"I always look out for their results. Even before the game in the Super Cup on Saturday I was checking they had won against St Johnstone.


"I will be watching them as much as I can and hopefully they can win more trophies and the title again."


There has already been murmurs of discontent from the Ibrox punters unhappy with their slow start to the season.


Most already feel they are on their way out of the Champions League.


But Weiss just thinks back to to last year when Gers were written off as a title force after a 3-0 hammering by Celtic.


They came storming back and that's why he believes Coisty WILL get things right before all-out panic starts to set in at the champions.


Weiss stressed: "Is it very dangerous to write Rangers off? Well, after what they achieved last season in winning the title, then yes, I would say so.


"I didn't actually see the first leg of the Malmo game, but I spoke to my mate about it and he told me that Rangers did have a good few chances to score a goal.


"They know they will have to go to Sweden and do far better to win the game.


"I am hopeful they will score there and can do exactly that.


"It's vital they progress to the final qualifier and if they do that I'm confident they can go on to make the group stages of the Champions League."


Read more: http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/sport/3727038/Man-City-Vlads-Rangers-ban.html#ixzz1TpXAPQGF

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I assume he must think bellamy is mince then if he was willing to send him to the spl


Different scenario, no ?


I thought Bellamy's proposed move was a permanent one was it not ? Far different from sending a player out on loan.

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no i'm sure it was a loan deal that was mentioned


My bad, just read the article. Apparently the discussions were around either a loan or a permanent deal.


I would suspect that it is still a different scenario though. Mancini obviously knows what Bellamy can, and cannot, do and he doesnt like what he sees (which i find strange). Whereas, with Weiss, he has only played top team football, really, in the SPL (if you ignore the World Cup) - so I can see why he would want Weiss to go and test himself against better players in one of the bigger leagues - it gives Mancini a chance to see how he copes against a better standard of player which also would be an indicator as to how he would do in the EPL.

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It didn't stop him sending Weiss up here in the first place. Now it's an issue. Makes no sense.


Maybe he felt the SPL was of a better standard than it is.


Perhaps he had no idea the SPL is as poor as it is until he was watching one of his players play on loan here.

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The thing that always gets me, is that if the SPL is so poor, why do so many players from so called better leagues often struggle or at best find it quite challenging? And that's when they are playing for by far the best teams. Shouldn't a Premiership player like Beattie find it pretty easy? By all accounts, Ortiz was well under the cosh against Hearts and there's a zillion other stories.


While Weiss looked a decent player, he hardly set the league alight, and for being in a reputedly piss poor league, you'd have to worry about his actual level of ability after his recent showing.


I don't think the SPL is one of the highest quality but it's hardly a walk in the park, and many leagues are not that fantastic outside the top teams.

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