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Motherwell 0 - 3 Rangers: Player Ratings and MoM Poll

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Rangers storm to the top of the SPL with convincing away win in sunny Lanarkshire.






One or two average performances this season aside, our new captain really has thrived with the added responsibility.


Seemed to be everywhere on the park yesterday and only disappointment was his Bertie-yarder that didn't quite dip enough before hitting the bar.


Nods of approval for Goian (again), Naismith and Ortiz in particular. Also very happy with McMillan and Perry.

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:sd:motm for me


agree with Frankie the wee man was everywhere yesterday


nod of approval to Ortiz, Lafferty and Goian who everytime i see him just looks more and more assured at the back.

McMillan also done well considering he was booked in first half I though he handled second half brilliantly

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Guest Dutchy

I think we played really, really well and Davis, Lafferty and Naismith all having crackers.


But I was very impressed with McMillian and his attitude was second to none on that pitch, I don't know if he should get MoM award, but he impressed all the same.


Probably give it to Davis, and if he'd scored with his strike that hit the bar, definately Davis.

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Think I would just make it the whole team looked like the team that finished so well last season, and that even means you Wylde your touch is terrible but when you put the afterburners on and don't fall over the ball you are a sight to behold congrats on your first goal now go away and work your arse off stop listening to those two Septic pricks and prove me wrong for slagging you off all the time.

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