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John Motson / Mark Lawrenson

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First of, this has nothing to do with the England team.


Does anyone else think they are the worst pairing of all the commentators in the WC?


Lawrenson saying the same negative things over and over again through-out the game and Motty's facts/statistics from the 1930's just make me cringe.


I hope a good chunk of the games left are on ITV.

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TBH I don't think much of ITV or BBC's actual commentary teams, probably because I think Andy Gray and Martin Tyler are at least 32x better. At least with the Beeb their pundits and analysis are usually quite good and are ad-free.

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Agreed and Im glad I have commentators ive never heard before for this WC. Barry Davies was quite good for the BBC before retiring but still quite boring. Motson is a prime reason why Scots what England pumped every game.


Its a pity Sky couldnt coverage the WC aswell as it being on terrestrial tv, but Tyler and Gray deserve time off for the WC. Im just glad i get them over here for the EPL.

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The worst thing about the coverage of non-England games is that they'll fit about 10 minutes of England coverage into the HT analysis or before the game starts.


Everytime Brazil got a free kick last night against Croatia all Motson kept saying was "this is where Ronaldinho scored against England 4 years ago" no matter where on the park the free kick was.


Eff off ya wee scumball.

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Oh id much rather it be Tyler and Gray too..... but thats not an option, so its gotta be ITV.

To be fair to Motty last night, he only brought up England 3 times (that i can remember).... thats gotta be some kind of record. :P

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