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Gersnet needs a new Match Preview writer/s

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Hi folks,


Someone has dropped out of the Gersnet rota/schedule for writing match previews and we're looking for a new preview writer to take his slot. The first game you would be doing a preview for is our away game at Rugby Park next weekend, so Saturday the 26th - 3pm kick off. We would need the completed match preview posted by you here in the Rangers Chat section by 5pm Friday at the latest (ie, you can post it before then if you like). The second game you would be taking on would be our home game against Hearts on Saturday 3rd March - 3pm kick off and with the same Friday deadline.


If any of you are interested in doing these two previews (or either of them if nobody wants to do both) then just say so here on this thread or send me a private message if you have any questions.

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Is there a template for what is required in a match preview?


No template at all mate. It's basically just a chance for each of us taking part in doing the odd one to write down our thoughts on the up-coming game and Gersnet releases it as a match preview crediting you as the writer. You can be serious, humorous or anywhere in-between. It's all good. :)

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Most people do a leading in story then talk about the team and who is injured and what the line-up may be then a word about the opposition followed by the team in emoticons that you think will play. It really is quite easy. You are free to adapt to your own style of course.

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So I'm halfway through this match report, I will finish it tonight. Would it be OK if I posted it tonight and then someone could edit the injuries list, if required, as Friday is my works Christmas night out & I'm working until 6pm so Friday will be too hectic for me?

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