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I love God's own county, Lanarkshire. Born'n'bred, it's home but it has a flaw. The deepest, darkest county does not have a decent curry house. This necessitates an occasional 40 mile round trip to the west end of Glasgow.


Attending University thirty-five plus years past, introduced me to the culinary triumph that is Gibson Street. A thoroughfare that was the perfect sub-continent sandwich. The oldest puryeyor of curry in the country, the Shish Mahal at the top end, the then best, the Koh-i-Noor at the bottom. Neither are still located in Gibson Street, the Shish resides in Park Road and the Koh-i' fell into the River Kelvin a couple of decades ago and moved to Charing Cross.


At seven bells last evening, we alighted from the Park Road establisment, entered our vehicle and heard BBC Radio Scoland tell us the good news. Atletico were one up at ra Stade de Gadd. It was half time and the match analysis could wait as Rangers financial results could be discussed. BBC Scotland's Financial Correspondent, Douglas Fraser was brought on to provide a sypnopsis. Then, Richard Gordon turned to Chic Young, yep that Chic Young to interpret the results.


I felt a reflux of my bangan pakora as Chico insisted Rangers supporters were anxiously confiding in him and demanding he act as our conduit. Fearlessly, Chico wanted answers(on our behalf) on the date of the club AGM, "it's always at this time of year". Here's me thinking it's usually early Autumn. Anyways, Chico was now unstopable, "I want answers(remember, on our behalf) from Craig Whyte".


Such insight from Chico's location ie trackside at the Brendanbowl. Seamlessly, Chico moves on to more comfortable ground, "Celtic don't deserve to be behind". BBC Radio Scotland's other two employees at the ground take their cue, Murdo McLeod tells the listenership, "before the goal, I saw US controlling the game". Wullie McStay chips in with, "WE were providing a high platform". It all concluded with Richard Gordon summarising the half time positions in the group, "OUR group looks like, eh sorry, of course I mean Celtic's group".



There you go, in the space of a couple of minutes it was "US", "WE", and "OUR".


How far do I need to travel from God's own county to receive accurate and objective broadcasting?

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I felt a reflux of my bangan pakora


Should have gone to Satty's. ;)


As for objectivity, we all know that BBC Scotland lost it a long time ago, but it's good to know that they aren't trying to hide their lack of it any more.

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Regardless of what they thought they should have had, the fact is they got beat.


I saw the game as well and although septic played better than they have so far, they were still no match for Athletico.


But then again, I remember them beating St Mirren last season 1-0 and lemon coming out claiming his players were world class, so not a lot has changed.


Great footballers, winning nothing. Oh sorry, a Scottish cup.

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Another Galaxy in another universe, 26th. Our travel into the deepest darkest areas of Lanarkshire where you will find the loyal band of Rangers fans whispering to each in the corner of their local pub while watching over their shoulder for Salmonds stormtroopers kicking in the door.


On the food note Mushtaq's in Hamilton is a good curry.

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