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Don't know anything about it mate. I'm guessing Frankie might be systematically trying to track down what's causing the problems on the forum, so he might have uninstalled one or two mods for that purpose? Not sure though. That's just a guess!

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What Zappa said.


After noticing the forum was very slow this morning, I removed a lot of the forum mods to see if it improves performance. We'll monitor it over the next few days then gradually re-introduce the more popular ones.


In terms of renaming them, I'll what's possible - should be a reasonably simple coding change.

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I agree with Danny on the notifications.


I'm not convinced by the new icons. It makes it look as if every post has been agreed.


Also, I'm not sure on the agree/disagree. When it was thanks, you could use it when some made a good post or had put a lot of effort into, say, a match review. I may want to thank them but don't want to agree with them.

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