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How to accurately gauge real interest in fan ownership/membership.

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I posted same as calscot & Danny last night but lost my post (stupid blackberry).


You are only gauging the opinions of those who attend games, some of whom are financially in the hole to Rangers for as much as they can be. Some fans who dont get to games may very well say, I cant attend games but I will contribute as much as an ST to help the club out.


Personally I dont think that the surveying at Ibrox gives you any proper gauge on the fans collective appetite to financially assist further.


There are far more Rangers fans in the world than the 50,000 who follow follow every other week at Ibrox.

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I wish folk would read a whole post the 50,000 at Ibrox is just part of the survey you then ask Rangers clubs around the world to survey their members and Rangers fans they know. I'm sure I read on here you subscribe to RTV Craig that would be your survey point it's not a hard thing to organise if you go at it in the right frame of mind.


Better still just drop the survey and go start into a fan membership style with the price set to be paid over the year you can increase the amount if you can afford it.

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I don't agree. It will sample 50k fans at a single moment in time, with a question which they'll answer based on how they feel at that exact moment in time. All surveys do is measure your response to a question based on how it's worded, not what you will actually do.


And ultimately, as I said, it's only a sample of 50k max.


I also agree with Calscot - it eliminates those who don't get to matches.


In some ways, you're implying those at matches are the real fans, and ones who can't get to games aren't?


One last thing, no matter what the medium, method, or audience is, surveys are always useless to the same level. You can't trust a questionnaire for reliability. It just gives a nice number you can use to generalise with.


Straw Polls are notoriously unreliable.

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Rather than fixate on the mechanics of running surveys, it might be more profitable to examine the point of it in the first place. When it comes to it, is there really any benefit to this contrived statistic, other than as a weapon for an already vested interest?

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A serious survey at Ibrox.


50,000 survey cards handed out, completed and collected.


The survey is extremely well publicised in the week running up to the event.


Publicity means people would be well prepared and know EXACTLY what the plans are.


If people know what the plans are, then the survey questions could be relatively simple, making it quick to complete.


The survey cards can have an optional name & address entry or email address entry.


A survey at Ibrox would provide more accurate results than an online survey which anyone can complete.




Those who wish to take the bull by the horns and organise something serious please start by organising a serious survey.


Problem with plans, Zaps, is that - knowing us - there will be zillions out there, and there are also likely to be zillions of personal agendas and visions. Some insane. Some sane.


For example, MD is God on FF. With great respect, he has spoken very well recently and I admire him for that. It's obvious that he is totally passionate for the Club - as are many of us.


We must however be careful and ensure that the Rangers family craft that subtle division between personal vision and a democratically engendered vision. At extremes, both are dangerous, but the correct synergy is what is needed.


The smart plan is to decouple these personal agendas from the overarching agenda of the sustainable future success of Rangers. That sustainable success and future is what the Rangers and we all need.


Back to my point of a few days ago about the need for the fangroups to pull together. I would just like to see it being done more democratically.


Any selfless, non-agenda driven, democratically-minded, media friendly souls out there?

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