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Rangers Fans Fighting Fund

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Dear Secretary



I don't need to tell you about the drastic situation our Club is in at the moment, we have heard all the stories of who is to blame and these stories will go on and on until the Administrators publish their report, and I suspect even after this there will still be accusations of blame flying around.


We are, where we are right now, and we need to move forward to protect Rangers Football Club, which I'm sure we will all agree, is not in a good place at the moment, both the Club and you the Fans are suffering through this time.


Now is the time to stand up and be counted, myself and many, others have been inundated with request from Fans from accross the World all wanting to donate money to help the Club in its hour of need.


Fans are getting really frustrated and this is understandable, I am a fan, and I feel exactly the same way, we are all desperate to help by our Club by donating cash, myself and my work colleagues included, however, the last thing we want is for splinter groups breaking off raising money only to find out there is no where for it to go. This is why Manager Ally McCoist, has ask me to invite you as Supporters Clubs Secretary to come along to the Ibrox Suite, tomorrow Saturday 10th March, at 12 noon to allow us to put our plan forward to you.


We will take and (hopefully) answer any questions you may have about what we have planned, and we will be looking for your Loyal support with this fighting fund, which is backed 100% by our Manager Ally McCoist and several other ex players and Walter Smith as well.


Rangers legends Ally McCoist, Walter Smith and Sandy Jardine are to launch the â??Rangers Fans Fighting Fundâ?? which urges supporters worldwide to back the Club they love by making donations to a secure account that will generate essential revenue throughout the administration process.





The â??Rangers Fans Fighting Fundâ?? will allow supporters to make cash donations that will directly affect the Club now and will go a long way towards helping secure its future.




Supporters will be able to donate to a secured bank account and through Paypal, full details on exactly how to donate will be found on the Rangers Supporters Assembly Facebook page tomorrow.




Ally McCoist, Sandy Jardine, Walter Smith, Jim Hannah and Rangers Supporters Assembly President Andy Kerr will control the bank account and pass on donations to administrators Duff and Phelps when the money is required on a weekly basis.




Rangers Manager Ally McCoist said: â??I encourage all fans to back the Rangers Fans Fighting Fund and help the Club in any way they can, as they have done in recent weeks.




â??Our fans have been fantastic. They are showing their true colours and have not walked away during these times of need. On behalf of everyone at the Club I would like to thank our supporters for all for their efforts and I ask them to keep backing us, keep filling Ibrox for matches and make a direct donation to the campaign as their support will make a difference.â?








Jim Hannah




Supporters Liaison Manager


Rangers FC

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I'd imagine you'll be able to donate what you want.


What worries me is where does the money go and who decides?


It sounds as though it counts as a revenue stream to help us get through the season. Kind of the 'cash injection' the Admins talked of.

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Coming from the club this has a little more credibility than the saverangers piffle.


An actual tangible place to physically donate money, held by bears we can trust like Walter and Ally.


I'm not wealthy right now but I will donate what I can, when it's possible to do so.

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I'd imagine you'll be able to donate what you want.


What worries me is where does the money go and who decides?


Yeah, I'm not really into just chucking my money into a black hole. That's why I'd put a lot more into a share issue - you still lose your money but at least get some accountability for it.

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