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Rangers fans fighting fund launched

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RANGERS legends Walter Smith and Sandy Jardine have launched the 'Rangers Fans Fighting Fund' which urges supporters worldwide to back the club they love by making donations to a secure account that will generate essential revenue throughout the administration process and beyond.


Fans from Govan to America have really stepped up and shown their incredible support for Rangers in what has been a difficult last few weeks and now supporters can make a positive and direct difference to the day to day running of Rangers right now.


The 'Rangers Fans Fighting Fund' will allow supporters to make cash donations that will directly affect the club now and will go a long way towards helping secure its future.




This Fund compliments the club's own initiatives to sell out the remaining games of the season at Ibrox.


Supporters have filled the Stadium for the last two SPL games against Kilmarnock and Hearts and there is little doubt the fans will turn out in huge numbers for the rest of the campaign.



Money raised through the 'Fighting Fund' will go to the club's running costs and supporters can contribute right now to the secured Rangers Assembly bank account.


â?¢ Royal Bank of Scotland Giffnock Branch

â?¢ Sort Code 832022 - Account Number 00741694

â?¢ For oversees transactions fans should use - IBAN number GB90RBOS 8320 2200 7416 94

â?¢ Supporters can also use PayPal to make a donation - fans on PayPal can log on to their accounts then type in assembly@thebluenose.co.uk to contribute

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PS: paid. I couldn't be arsed with the SaveRangers shite, but this I like. And I'm happy to help. Can't afford a fortune, but sent what I could.


That's up to you but there is no need to rubbish other initiatives that are also to benefit the club's future.

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Has the saverangers site been closed down as Mark Dingwall promised in front of witnesses at the RFFF meeting



I wasn't at the meeting but that is not my understanding of what was said as that would not be Mark's call to make.

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Thats not what the guys at the nmeeting are saying , however MD has stated on ff the following ,




No it hasn't - those were not official minutes. As explained, SaveRangers is there to gauge the level at which fans would invest in a credible share issue to put the club back onto a firm financial footing.


At the meeting it was agreed http://www.SaveRangers.com will email details of the Fighting Fund to all who have signed up to the site.


At a meeting on Friday afternoon it was agreed that the Fighting Fund would not simply pour cash into a black hole of Whyte's debt - instead cash projections would be presented each week by Duff and Phelps and if needed a donation to help with normal running costs would be made - but only if needed.

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That's up to you but there is no need to rubbish other initiatives that are also to benefit the club's future.


How does monopoly money benefit the club's future? I'll rubbish tripe attempts at publicity if I like.

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