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Rangers fans fighting fund launched

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That doesnt mean they have said they do though. Has there been no communication between the parties running the SaveRangers campaign ? As it stands it looks like the Assembly are standing behind TWO different campaigns, and it creates confusion.


I don't see any reason why they can't be behind both campaigns. The Trust are behind both as well.

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RANGERS Supporters Liaison Officer Jim Hannah has revealed he has had a staggering response from fans to the Fighting Fund where supporters can donate to help the club now.


Hannah and club legend Sandy Jardine are in Belfast tonight to explain the initiative to the Northern Ireland supporters after launching the money-spinning project yesterday.


There are 120 registered clubs in Ulster and most of them will have representation at the meeting tonight.


Hannah said: "We have had a phenomenal response from people and we already had single donations of £20,000 and £5000 before launch.


"On the other side of the scale one elderly lady came in last week and offered £20 from her pension. There are just fantastic stories developing all the time but the most important thing is to raise money for the club.


"It's amazing what fans are willing to do. We have had offers from plumbers and painters that if work is needed at the club they will come in a do it for free.


"Fans are just desperate to do what they can for the club whether it is financial or in other ways."


The Rangers Fans Fighting Fund has been in the planning since Rangers went into administration and it is easy for fans to simply donate any sum they like which will be used to run the club day to day.


Hannah said: "We worked on the idea for three weeks, basically as soon as the club went into administration.


"We had a meeting last Saturday when we got 100 per cent from the supporters clubs and it was great that Kenny McDowall and Ian Durrant were both there.


"That just showed the guys on the floor that the management team are right behind this project.


"All the indications are that we can raise a big sum of money and if that can help the club out of administration then we will have been successful."

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I don't see any reason why they can't be behind both campaigns. The Trust are behind both as well.


Not saying it shouldnt, just looking for clarification. And I think if they are behind both campaigns then clarity is also required for the support. One is a "post admin" campaign whilst the other is a campaign whilst in admin.


Not everyone knows what we know.

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I don't think it's a bad thing that they haven't announced the amount.


It will only be twisted by certain sections. What THEY deem to be enough/too little. What's happened to immediately blah blah blah. It'll be a stick to bheat us with.

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Oh well LOL. About £37,300 so far:


I've already said, this scheme will make 500k to one million tops. Even that was an optimistic estimate. People do not put their money where their mouth is. And Cal, before you come wading in, shurrup.

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