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Green eyeing quick exit

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Just noticed that he did indeed say that.


Looks like he's making more contradictory statements then because that's not what he was saying in the BBC & STV interviews I watched yesterday.

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Tranynor - interviews Green todays Record




CHARLES Green has been living in fast-forward mode ever since emerging as Rangers’ likely new owner but even he will come to a dead stop on Thursday.


The Yorkshireman last night pinpointed that day, June 14, as the most important date in the club’s history.


Rangers’ creditors will meet on Thursday to accept or reject Green’s £8.5million CVA proposal to rescue the ailing football business and he stressed: “On that day this club’s future will be defined once and for all.”


Green is not underestimating the huge significance of the SFA’s next move in the sanctions row but sees the creditors’ meeting as THE major step in Rangers’ rehabilitation.


A rehabilitation, he believes, that will see Rangers strong enough to compete for the championship and a place in the Champions League.


“That’s where the club has to be,” he said. “And getting Rangers back quickly to the point where they are able to compete at those levels is my priority.”


First up, though, are the creditors and if they throw out the CVA offer Green will go down the newco route, albeit

reluctantly even though he and his consortium – “you’ll see their names after the meeting on Thursday” – would save themselves £3m by taking control of the club out of liquidation.




But Green and his people remain convinced agreement is the better option and it would also make it easier for Green to stick to his own timescale and get out in a year, although that will be longer if the SFA withdraw Rangers’ licence to play for a year.


He said: “We could watch the grass grow, or put sheep on the pitch. Make some money in livestock but it would be difficult for clubs in Scottish football to make money without Rangers.”


Annoyed rather than angered by Dave King’s recent and unexpected views, the man who insists the £10m first-phase funding for his Ibrox buyout is firmly in place felt it was necessary to clear up one or two matters.


Green said: “Dave King said he didn’t think I’d still be here in a year’s time and do you know what? He’s right.


“It isn’t my intention to be here longer than that. If nothing much is added to what I can see on the table at the moment I believe I can get over all the hurdles in a year.


“I’d be very disappointed if I am not out of the club quickly.”


Green also revealed that he thought about getting out even before he got in because of the impact his attempt to buy Rangers from Craig Whyte had on his children and one or two of his advisors.


There have been offensive emails, one of which has been passed on to the police, but Green wants to see his project through. “I have been tempted to walk away,” he revealed. “The privacy of my children was invaded by one or two journalists.


“We’ve had the abusive emails and at one point I did think I should stop but the minute you pack up and go is the moment the lunatics are able to take over the asylum. So I’m not doing that.


“I’m not walking away and I believe next Thursday will be the most

important day in Rangers’ history.


“The SFA’s decision on how Rangers should be punished will also be crucial but next week is so important.


“The decision taken will determine what model we have to choose and the speed at which Rangers can hope to recover. Fans should be urging their politicians to apply some pressure so that the CVA is accepted.”


Most of Green’s calculations have been done around a CVA being accepted and the SFA stopping short of

withdrawing Rangers’ licence to play for a year. If after next Thursday he is all but confirmed as the new owner he will be seeking further talks with the authorities to find a middle ground.


But even if the SFA throw the book at Rangers and expel them Green won’t turn and run. He said: “Jobs will be lost because we won’t be doing anything. We wouldn’t even need groundsmen.


“But even though we (the consortium) will have to pay for upkeep and some wages we won’t lose money. The game will. It might even lose some clubs if TV deals have to be revised and there are no Rangers fans going to matches.


“There will be cutbacks everywhere and surely no one wants that. It’s

important for the SFA and Rangers to resolve this for the good of Scottish football. Although none of us working to get this club back on its feet are responsible for problems of the past we accept we must take our punishment.


“We don’t expect we should walk away free but we must discuss this.”


Green has already been doing a lot of talking, mainly with supporters groups and yesterday with local MP Ian Davidson and they have all been given the same assurances. “No, there will be no selling off or hiving off of the club’s assets. No, Craig Whyte won’t be getting anything other than the £2 I’ve paid him.


“No, I won’t be getting £4m or anything like it for my trouble. I’ll be getting £2m in shares, not cash. No, I’m not waiting on the season-ticket money because that’s going into an ESCROW account and I won’t be able to get my mitts on it.


“Yes, the funding is in place. The

investors are in. The first phase funding, £10m, is all there.


“Yes, I will raise £20m more and I say that well aware of just how difficult it is to raise money these days. Getting the first £10m was the hardest part because the people who are in don’t know what they’ve bought into yet.


“And yes, Rangers will be back competing at the top. That’s what we all want – Ally McCoist, the fans, me, the investors. But this was never going to be done quickly. It’s a bit like turning the QE2 and that takes a day.


“It’s a big ship and Rangers are also massive. But this club must be there again competing to get in the

Champions League, that’s Valhalla.”


Green hopes that if the CVA is accepted he will be signed off as new owner and ready to go after a 28-day cooling off period. If all goes his way on Thursday he will become the legal owner on a date which will have significance for more than a few Rangers fans, July 12. It means nothing to Green other than that will be the time he has to raise a further £20m although he said last night that because of the players and staff who have left, Rangers are close to breaking even already.

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He has said that no-one will own more than 15% shares in Rangers,and he is saying he will be out in a year,then I take form that is that the job he has come in to do will be completed,which is a good thing,no?. The RFFF should be readying themselves now to buy 15% shares in Rangers when he leaves?.

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Guest govansw1

I think the RFFF winds up when he becomes owner.

The RangersUnite team are working away in the background preparing a facility for the Fans to get involved.

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Just noticed that he did indeed say that.


Looks like he's making more contradictory statements then because that's not what he was saying in the BBC & STV interviews I watched yesterday.


He did say on both those interviews and the 1 on Rangers tv that he will leave asap when his job is done.

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He did say on both those interviews and the 1 on Rangers tv that he will leave asap when his job is done.


That's what I gathered from those interviews as well. From what he's been saying all along it looks as though the job he's been tasked with in fronting the consortium is to complete the deal and secure x amount of investment. Once that job's done he'll leave the running of the club to the board or possibly even new ownership that's been instated.


The way I see it, it's fair enough for the fans to be skeptical and I have to admit that I find Green a little bit of an awkward character to trust through the way he carries himself in interviews, but I do at least think he's been fairly consistent in his statements.


Personally I would prefer to give him my backing at this point in time ahead of those who appear to be putting there own interests ahead of the club and using media spin in such a disruptive fashion.

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You only have to look at the collapse of the Bill Miller deal to see how fractured TBK alliance is in dealing with this. On one hand we had AJ and BK giving him their cautious backing .BK even said in TBK press conference that he approached Miller with a proposal to try and get the CVA pushed through.


On the other hand, you had the RST trying to put a stop to it. Of course they succeeded and if you look at what CG's saying there regarding offensive emails and intrusions into his private life, you can well understand how a foreign outsider like Miller was persuaded to pull the plug on the deal.


IMO, we actually should be doing exactly what CG asks of us here and be lobbying the politicians to exert pressure on HMRC in order to get the CVA across the line. You can be sure they'll have been getting no shortage of enticement to do the opposite.

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