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england v trinidad and tobacco

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Too right Ecuador or the Gerries will give them a run for their money in the next round that's for sure. Hardly been convincing so far


oh fook aye! the gerries aint that good either tho! wud like to see them play ecuador actually,

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England are pretty fortunate to have their 2nd round game coming from that group...... the worrying thing for England though is that Ecuador and the Germans will be saying the same about England !!

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i dont fancy ecuador to do anything against the english.


They dont create too many chances (albeit they take the ones they do) but i reckon they would be more likely to just sit back against the bigger teams.


How they fare against the germans in the last game of the group should be a good gauge as to how they will do in the next round.

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It was funny listening to the commentators, they went from scraping through the group with 5 points to winining the World Cup in the space of 5 minutes


This is the reason so many Scots want bad fortune to befall the English team. The commentators and pundits are beyond embarrassing, and we love to hear the disappointment in their voices when the team messes up.


I have nothing against the actual team tbh, they're all decent enough guys and no better or worse than any other group of footballers in the world cup.


But their media is just awful.

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