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Sky won't pull plug but would renegotiate SPL deal

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Of course they can't pull out, they'd be in breach of contract.


A nothing article!


I think they could Gaz as I am led to believe that it is written in the contract is that they can\must transmit 4 old firm games which they obviously can not if Rangers drop down. That would make the SPL in breach of contract I think.

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tbh you're wrong. As has been stated by a few, SPL clubs are already living beyond their means. Take that money away and how exactly are they going to survive? Gate receipts alone?


The only option is if another broadcaster buys the rights, and no one apart from ESPN has Sky's money levels, and it's unclear as to whether or not ESPN would be legally able to take exclusive control of the SPL rights.


I think we'll see a few clubs go into administration, but unless they're unfortunate enough to have HMRC as the main creditor they'll stand a decent chance of coming out via a CVA in a downscaled form. All the SPL clubs will have to downscale - some in a more sudden, violent way than others - and one or two could potentially fold.

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Danny how can you now quote as fact that I am wrong when you can have totally no idea how things pan out. You may think I am wrong but that is totally different to me being factually wrong. I don't think you are always right Danny although I may be wrong.:)


Just common sense Pete. In the way without gravity we'd float, without money companies die. SPL clubs rely crucially on the Sky money for their very survival - and as you correct Gaz above, OF clause is part of the deal. So activate that clause, Sky walks away, or renegotiate, money goes massively down or disappears entirely. Just seems an inevitable outcome.


You're right, nothing is certain and you can't predict the future, but the evidence here is pretty compelling.

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