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Giovanni Di Stefano - To buy Rangers FC PLC?

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or maybe he's demonstrating this mythical "transparency" people are desperate for?


He seems to think that Rangers are still registered as a member of the FA from the bygone days of yore, and as such could apply to join the English leagues and he reckons there would be money in that.


Seems a little far fetched and a bit disruptive when we are trying to move forward in Scotland, but interesting reading nonetheless!

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Think this is a fake account and that there are beggars behind it at the madam


I'm not quite sure what the BHEASTS would get out of that tbh?,this guy is a loony so he is either going try and buy or not?

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Guest monthegoats

I dont rally know what to think, i reckon he is a bored guy with nothing better to do. I don't think he will uncover anything in particular.


Good luck to him though and if he can help us in any way then great.

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