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Is Casino Royal out in the UK yet? and anyone seen it? Its out here on Thursday so il be heading to see it.


We also have a Bond marathon on TV just now (1 a night for 20 days plus repeats).


Whats everyones fav Bond movie and who was the best Bond in order.


Its a very tough choice but A View to a Kill pips Tomorrow Never Dies as the best film for me.


Best Bond Actors IMO: I know Sean was the original but Im a fan of Moore and his films and I thought Brosnan was quality aswell. He brought back Bond after a 10 year low.


1) Roger Moore

2) Pierce Brosnan

3) Sean Connery

4) Timothy Dalton

5) George Lazenby

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Saw Casino Royale the other night.


Good film but not your average Bond film.


Didnt like Daniel Craig to start with but he grows on you as the film goes on but once again not like any of the other Bonds.


Those who are going to see it be prepared for 144 mins!!!

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