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Gio Di Stefano has Got his Rangers Share

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and to Duff & Phelps as a shareholder to answer some probative questions as to where the money has gone paid into the RFC PLC accounts

accounts (plural) and what provisions will there be or security for damages when its proved RFC PLC was not insolvent?

and if I get the other share I will hand them over to a Rangers Supporters Trust as I want no part of anything OTHER than see club play SPL

RFC PLC were NOT insolvent, had millions stolen, negligence of incredible level, and in Feb 2012 had over 7 million in bank and in

paid out over 20 million in FEES...so where the bumba is the insolvency please? with the 20m plus in fees could have settled small tax



that prohibits any type of taxes or levies WITHOUT a lawful judgement I know cos I used it MYSELF in 2003 and WON so the HMRC supposed debt

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cannot be used other than a contingent possible hypothetical insolvency nor can HMRC enforce...statute is called BILL OF RIGHTS 1689

“That all grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of particular persons before conviction are illegal and void”

and before all you critics open your big mouths the Statute is valid today as when it was signed and I know cos I WON in 2003 with it

BUT the HMRC has NEVER been the problem...its a contingent liability...in feb 2012 RFC PLC assets exceeded its liabilities

NEVER insolvent and millions missing and the SFA will have to take that into account and as a shareholder I have the right to take court

and NOT only in this jurisdiction BUT also ITALY cos I am an italian citizen and as one I am protected by the constitution

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