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Charles Green: â??Number of issues between Rangers and SFA over club licenceâ??

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Charles Green says there are still a number of issues between his Rangers newco and the Scottish Football Association before the club can be granted a licence to play in the Scottish Football League.


SFL chairmen voted Greenâ??s new company into the Third Division at a vote at Hampden on Friday with Dundee gaining a place in the SPL for season 2012/13.


Although the league bodies have decided which level the Rangers will compete in this season there is still the outstanding issue of the membership being transferred from the old company to the newco.


All clubs require this licence to play professional football in Scotland.


Speaking exclusively to STV, Green said: â??We wish Dundee every success and we are now looking forward to reaching an agreement with the SFA so that we can get on and start playing in the Third Division.


â??I donâ??t think thereâ??s a time limit on it [the licence] but we definitely need it as soon as possible but thereâ??s still a number of issues outstanding between Rangers and the SFA and weâ??re working on them now.â?


On Monday, Dorin Goianâ??s agent told STV the Romanian defender will move on if the club remained in the bottom tier of the Scottish league system.


And Green admits the 31-year-old is likely to leave the club now. He added: â??I spoke with Dorin yesterday and he has been fantastic throughout but it is unlikely that he would stay with Rangers playing in the Third Division.


â??Clearly if he wanted to stay then weâ??d be delighted but for a player of his status and stature it is unlikely.â?


Pressure continues to grow over the position of SFA chief executive Stewart Regan after he warned of a â??slow, lingering deathâ?? for Scottish football should the Rangers newco not be admitted to Division One or the SPL.


When asked if Reganâ??s position was untenable Green said: â??Well I think for everyone who has been involved with this story it has been difficult.


â??Leaked emails are never helpful and Iâ??m sure Stewart will do the right thing.â?



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They still want us to pay the oldco's football debts, and accept whatever they say, including the transfer embargo, I think.


That is what some legal folk would simply call: coercion. They can have a season's ban from the Scottish Cup, which might be according to their rules. The rest is essentially illegal, not to mention that they may be on the receiving end of some hefty compensation fines should it be ruled that we are indeed victims of fraud.

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Shouldn't the football debts be paid by those who have picked up our players for free?


Surely the Oldco are still due compensations for them as they should legally hold their registrations? Untill it is liquidated that is.

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