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Rangers Women - Games and Updates

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31 minutes ago, der Berliner said:

Best example Kathy Hill's last gasp attempt, when she attempted to take an unnecessary touch 6 yards out instead of shooting and got it all wrong.

I saw this and assumed she had been training with Dessers

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... and there it comes down to a missed chance in the OF game last week that we end up without the league title. Quite frustrating.


Obviously, the hybris over there has also infested their women's team, going by their manageress' comments. They essentially scraped through due to us missing a couple of chances and dropping a couple of points of late in the season - as unexpected as unnecessary.

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Yeah, I've been following on and off and its definitely seems to be missed Rangers opportunities rather than losing the league to the better team

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Good win in the SFA Cup final to round off a decent season albeit with the disappointment of losing the league whilst being in the driving seat.


Screamer from McLauchlan.


Some good young talent at the club which is encouraging for the future of the team.


Hopefully the club back Jo and try and do well in the UCL, hopefully it can propel them to a treble they should've had this season.

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Saw a bit of the second half. Some very good sequences of play by Rangers. I think it was when they played by instinct and not by the chessboard.

Hampden is a hopeless venue for any match not involving the national side or Rangers or the only other club that can bring numbers of followers. Dunfermline or Motherwell would be better grounds.

Goalkeeping is a weak position for ladies. The don’t have the leap nor the strength of arm, wrist or hand.

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I have never watched more than a couple of minutes of women’s football but congratulations to the Rangers goals for putting a trophy in the cabinet.

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