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Raw Food with significant health benefits

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My wife has her own business which is in the health food industry. The below is a short video on the product and the benefits that can be gained through consuming it. I personally have used it and have seen sizeable improvement in certain aspects (for instance I have had eczema since I was in Uni and could not get rid of it, this product has seen the amount of eczema diminish) and we have a friend whose mother has seen some serious health problems dissipate after the use of this where traditional medicines have faltered.


Anyway, this product can be added to food or, indeed, fluids and has a number of health benefits. There is the option to buy the product and there is also a business element to it for those so inclined.


Any questions I have left the website url below - Mel (my wife) will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have.




Mila is a whole raw food that can help with:


High Blood Pressure

Type II Diabetes

Heart Disease

Weight Loss



High cholesteral



Digestive Health

Increase Energy Level


Watch the 3 minute video to learn more. To ask questions on Mila or to purchase a bag, please visit the following website http://lifemax.net/melanieg

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Interesting product! I'll need to do some reading on it because it might be something my parents could try.


Cheers Zappa. Any questions Mel will gladly answer. If you need or want to, PM me and I will give you her direct email as well.

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Cheers Craig. I'll spend some time looking into the subject. It's incredible that so many different species of sage exist and that they're so varied in uses and effects.

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