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Get it signed guys.


HMRC confidential info leak


Responsible department: Her Majesty's Treasury


We the undersigned request that questions from the government are asked of HMRC over their handling of the " investigation" into Rangers Football Club.


Over the last three years, HMRC have pursued Rangers Football Club for " unpaid" taxes in relation to several EBT schemes operated by the club. These schemes were present in all of the clubs annual accounts for the years in which they operated.


The conclusion on the three year investigation was found on 20/11/12 stating that Rangers Football Club were indeed not liable nor had broken any law.


Throughout this " investigation" there have been several leaks of confidential information relating directly to sensitive information about the club, the employees and the current state of play within the " investigation".


The source of this leak must be identified and dealt with accordingly due to the serious breach of protocols and completely undermining the role in which HMRC are charged facilitating.

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Should go further - tax liabilities need a statute of lapsed time, companies should not be put out of business due to "suspecting" they have broken tax rules for years while submitting all the details in their tax returns. The threat of crippling back taxes with excessive penalties is in no way fair in a democratic society.

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