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Bears living abroad. ..........

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Myself and Shane from the Copland road org have set up this Facebook page for those of us overseas




The purpose of this page is to have a meeting place for all Rangers fans that live abroad. There are many foreign RCS's as well as individual Bears that have emigrated or were born abroad and had the Rangers bug installed by their parents or Grandparents.


Our plan is to arrange a yearly meet up in Glasgow of all Bears that can manage to fly into the city. As it stands we intend this to be a loose "RSC" with no fee's etc. Just a place to run ideas past each other.


Obviously as time goes on and ideas for we can maybe become a bit more organised.



If you could help spread the word it would be appreciated. We are also going to encourage Bears to post links to their local RSC as you never know who's living near by that didn't know there was a local RSC




So for the moment, give the page a "Like" and lets get talking.

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