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Soccer thug on cop shove rap

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A YOB fan convicted of shoving cops during a footy brawl also battered an OAP supporter 11 years ago â?? LIVE on telly.

Vicious Gary Leys, 37, last week admitted swearing at police and trying to breach their cordon as Rangers and Aberdeen fans clashed before a game at Ibrox in January.


But in 2002 the Dons thug left TV viewers sickened when BBC cameras captured him punching terrified 71-year-old Gers fan Thomas Perry during scenes of mayhem at Pittodrie.


Last night ex-trucker Thomas, 81, from Whitburn, West Lothian, said: â??Iâ??m not surprised heâ??s in trouble again.


â??Heâ??s a nutter and should be banned from football for life.â?


Leys, from Aberdeen, appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week charged with shouting, swearing and repeatedly trying to breach the officersâ?? cordon.


The violent confrontation â?? caught on CCTV outside Ibrox Subway station on January 21 â?? was thought to involve the notorious Aberdeen Soccer Casuals and Rangersâ?? Inter City Firm.


Fellow Dons fans Stanley Thain, 46, and Ivan Bridge, 41, also admitted a series of charges.


But we can reveal Leys was fined £550 and barred from Pittodrie for life after admitting the cowardly assault on Thomas in 2002.


He attacked the pensioner as fans went berserk when a coin was thrown from the stands, hitting an Aberdeen player.


The game was suspended for 20 minutes and riot cops were brought in to tackle some of the worst hooliganism seen in Scotland for years.


Thomas said the horror attack had left him too scared to return to Pittodrie.


He said: â??I used to go to every match home and away but after that incident in Aberdeen I never went back.

â??Iâ??d go to any other away grounds but not there. Thereâ??s been bad blood between Rangers and Aberdeen fans for years â?? but what happened there was too much.â?

He added: â??If Leys got out at Ibrox underground he must have been looking for trouble.

â??They should consider banning him from every ground in the country because heâ??s a troublemaker.â?



Leys, Thain, and Bridge will all be sentenced next month.

Last night Leys declined to comment



Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/scottishnews/4688319/Soccer-thug-on-cop-shove-rap.html#ixzz2EW2lLhcM

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The ICF didn't know they were coming down. The first we knew of it was when a few of our lads were in the area of the subway and saw them.


They were actually down for either a stag do or someone's 40/50th birthday.



This was NOT pre organised or anything like that. They got tickets for the game, came down and had a few pints out the way of Ibrox and never got in touch with any of our main faces. Then after a few drinks, got brave and got of at Ibrox subway knowing they get headlines and make it look as if they got some sort of result.



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Football casuals are twats.


Anyone belonging to one needs their testicles removed.


My bro in laws mates think that they're tickets and in reality they're just sad middle aged fat cunts with alcohol issues.

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My bro in laws mates think that they're tickets and in reality they're just sad middle aged fat cunts with alcohol issues.


Well put. Need to find themselves some Wing Tsun lessons instead of football grounds.

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