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He's hot property at the moment but I doubt he'll end up at Celtic. I think he'll be off to the premiership


I agree. I can't see one of the brightest and in form young strikers in europe wanting to ply their trade in the SPL. There's been a number of clubs linked with him recently. Liverpool, Arsenal and Newcastle to name but a few.


Also, there was talk of him maybe moving to the premiership at the beginning of this season, but I'm sure Marco Van Basten was quoted as telling him that it would be better for him to stay in Holland for at least one more season.


So given that MVB obviously wants him to become an even better player than he already is(national team)I'm sure he would use his all too apparent influence to ward him away from the SPL.

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Pete is the man when it comes to Dutch footie (that's about all he's good for though).


He'll cost anyone about �£15M for Ajax to sell and there's no way the mhanks can afford that. My guess is he'll end up in Seria A.


Thanks Gaz for your compliment i didn't think i was good for anything. Now youv�© made my day.:P


Huntelaar is actually going through a bad patch at the moment. The manager is getting the blame for trying to get him to play too much football for the team instead of scoring goals(sound familiar)

He cost Ajax 9mill euro's so i think Gaz's price won't be far away, certainly 12-15 mill pound. I would be very surprised if a scottish team payed that soort of money these days and i would be even more surprised if Huntelaar went to the SPL


Ajax have hit a slump at the moment and the frustration is starting to tell.

Kenneth Perez was caught on telly calling the the linesman a kanker nigger(cancer nigger) (most dutch swear words have to do with saying people

have a sickness). He has apoligised and offered to go into an area in Amsterdam where many blacks live and give coaching classes.


Wesley Sneijder was also sent off for calling the ref a blinde Tyfuslijer( blind sufferer of typhus) which he denied saying he was shouting at a player with white hair and it was Wit(white) Tyfuslijer instead of blind. He still got red carded.

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