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i am a big fan of the cinema and tend to go once or twice a week so i thought why not start a film review thread.


i warn you i tend to like almost everything so i take no responsibility if you go see the wrong film because of me.


no spoilers just a short summary and score.

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a superb film. a look at addiction and hero worship. again superbly acted.


8 out of 10.


Funnily enough watched this last night.


Thought it was superb up until the ending which just wasn't believable. Don't want to go into more detail and spoil it for others unless I am specifically asked to explain what I mean. Almost ruined the whole film for me.

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les miserables.


i am not a huge fan of musicals and this is the first one i have seen where its all song but its a great story and very well done. it was strange as its one of the few films ive been in where people walked out and the only one where people applauded at the end.


7 out of 10. maybe 8.

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