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CRAIG MATHER admits Rangers may have to move more players on in order to shape the squad the way Ally McCoist wants it.


The manager is still keen to recruit additional new faces for the forthcoming campaign, during which the Light Blues will be favourites to win the Second Division.

So far chief executive Mather has been keen to facilitate McCoistâ??s wishes and that remains the case â?? but only to a point.

The Lancastrian knows thereâ??s a requirement to stay within the budget and that means people may have to move on.

Gers are making saving after losing the likes of Carlos Bocanegra, Dorin Goian, Neil Alexander and Francisco Sandaza in recent months.

At present, they have a first-team pool of almost 30 players and that may have to be brought down slightly to remain affordable.

Mather told RangersTV: â??More of the squad could be moving on. Thereâ??s potential for that, Iâ??m not going to sit here and hide it.

â??Ally has made no secret of the fact heâ??d like to make one or two more signings if possible and in principle I have no problem with that.

â??We do have to balance the books though and look at it accordingly. It would be good for the stability of the club if we can get a couple more moved on as well.â?

Rangers will go into the new season with their player registration embargo running until the end of August.

That means they could play as many as eight competitive games without the seven men who have been recruited over the summer featuring as signed players.

They can, of course, play as trialists but Gers can only field two of them in any one game and there are limits regarding how many matches each individual can feature in.

That presents an availability problem and the easy option would be to retain as many current players as possible until near the end of the transfer window.

But Mather is looking at the picture and maintains if people do leave, theyâ??ll go when the circumstances are best rather than when they are most convenient.

He added: â??It is going to be a juggling act and we only found out recently that the trialists will be able to play after all. Under SPL rules they couldnâ??t but under SFL rules they could.

â??Weâ??re only going to be able to play two of the new players as trialists in each game so weâ??ll need to balance things there.

â??What we have to do is make decisions based upon the longevity of the club rather than just a four-week period.

â??We will play the cards as they come at us rather than worry about the first month only at the moment. Itâ??s a long season.â?







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A reasoned, thoughtful statement from Mather in my opinion.


Hopefully this methodical, balanced approach is our road to the future. No more boom and bust (pardon the pun) please. Or no bust and bust thanks.

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