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Gers Sign Huawei To Bring Wifi To Ibrox

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A GROUND-BREAKING partnership between Rangers Football Club and Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, is set to bring fans into a whole new era of in-depth, WiFi-based engagement with the club.


In a seven-figure investment, the club is working with Huawei to provide one of football's first fully converged stadium-wide WiFi deployments.

The market-leading project will ultimately give every fan seated at Ibrox â?? as well as those in the approaches, concourse, restaurants and corporate areas â?? full, instant access to content-rich media and allow them to participate in real-time interactions with the club.

Starting in August on a stand-by-stand basis, the phased development will allow Rangers to engage with fans and create the best possible matchday experience.

The new set-up will remove connectivity problems in high-density areas and ultimately give 50,000+ supporters access to club competitions, merchandising, media, forthcoming events and enhanced fan/club engagement.

Stadium WiFi has been under discussion at Rangers for a number of years following fan demand, with supporters wanting to access the full panoply of internet sport while at the ground, but being frustrated by 3G mobile network download speeds.

Now, thanks to this partnership with Huawei, the club will create a more meaningful relationship with fans as well as enhancing the matchday experience at Ibrox.








Read more on the official site...

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If they could stream quick highlights and interviews after the game the perhaps a number of people would be encouraged to hang about for say 10 minutes before leaving, staggering some of the density of people dispersing.

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That should help the atmosphere, with everyone under 40 staring at their wee mobiles.




I enjoyed the last game of last season the most, certainly not due to the fitba (as we hung on grimly for a 1-0 home win over Berwick) but coz there was, on one side of me, a giant English Bear who sang for 90 minutes, and on the other an older Bear with whom I could exchange looks of disbelief as Kyle Hutton gave the ball away, again.


If you can't survive without your tech for 2 hours you should have a look at your social skills, guys. Dinosaur loyal!

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