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NICKY CLARK and Rangers legend Mark Hateley today helped launch Follow We Will: The Fall and Rise of Rangers at Ibrox Stadium.


An incisive, thoughtful analysis of the causes and legacy from Rangers financial collapse Follow We Will counters the biases, failures and apathy attached to the club in an uncompromising analysis that promotes scrutiny and activism.

Follow We Will features an exclusive interview with Lee Wallace and forewords by Walter Smith and Professor Graham Walker.

It was written by leading commentators, journalists, university lecturers, and, most importantly, fans. Its contents are radical, powerful and take a swipe at the mediaâ??s outdated image of Rangers fans.

All author proceeds arising from sales of the book will be donated to the Rangers Charity Foundation.

Fans can buy a copy at Amazon by clicking here.




Read more on the official site...

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No pictures of Frankie on the site thankfully :)


Easily fixed BD. :devil:


There were some pics posted on twitter for anyone who wants a look. Frankie looked very smart in his tin flute and it all seems to be very successful, so I think Frankie did himself, the Rangers Charity Foundation, TRS, Gersnet and fans in general very proud indeed! :tu:

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Was a great afternoon at Ibrox yesterday and I must thank everyone for their support again.


A quick word for Rangers as well - we're all keen to stick the boot in from time to time (sometimes fairly, sometimes not) but I can only thank a few people at the club for helping ensure the book does as well as it can. Kudos!

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Some excellent coverage on the launch in today's media. Pictures and comments in The Herald, The Sun, Record and Scotsman.


#FollowWeWill currently #282 in all Amazon books & still holds 2 positions in football top 6 despite other huge RFC/football book price cuts. Incredible!



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