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How was your fish supper BH?


(not a euphemism btw)


Thanks for directions and putting up with my chat at the match.


Just made it in time for a surprisingly early 10.00pm close and got the last one on the shelf, so probably not their best fish but the chips were fresh made, on the whole a very acceptable fish supper from the Best Fish & Chip Shop in the UK (2009-10)!


Gives me an idea though.


I did ask what had happened since then but they said they hadn't entered because "they" would be unilkely to award it to the same shop twice which makes sense.


And the lady in my phone was able to direct me back to civilisation thankfully.

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Yes, Chistine, both of us are, thanks for pointing out, may have to puchase a copy!


Are you stalking me, or is someone else, may have to start wearing a hoodie.


Not my best profile perhaps, if indeed I have a good profile.

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Maybe it would be worth considering a dedicated part of the forum for matching ticket buyers and sellers as was mentioned is available on another site?


We can monitor the volume of ticket offers & requests, but we generally don't have a volume of them that would warrant a sub-forum.


In the meantime, there's absolutely no problem with posting threads here in the Rangers Chat section about spare ticket offers or ticket requests.

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