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Haven't seen this on RM or here but according to the Daily Mail today McColl's gang tried to bring back McClelland as the chairman.


Absolutely frightful stuff if true. A real return to the old days when he was Murray's puppet and presided over record levels of debt.


I'm neither here nor there with the current board and prospective future board. To me they all remind of the South Park episode where a douche and a turd compete with each other. But it's absolutely disparaging that our prospective leaders want a return of one of our past failures.

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A real return to the old days when he was Murray's puppet and presided over record levels of debt.


The level of debt SDM racked up (£52m as announced by McClelland at the AGM a month after taking over) was the reason he was forced to 'step down' as chairman.


McClelland successfully tightened the purse strings, selling a number of our high earners and restricting Eck mainly to Bosman signings. He and Martin Bain are the reasons McLeish's overall transfer activity was hugely profitable for the club. As well as investing less on transfers he invested more on youth development.


The debt did rise under his stewardship, but at that level it was unsustainable. Nonetheless we did still maintain a position in the Forbes rich list over that period.


I'm not saying he was a roaring success, but he's possibly the closest to a successful chairman we've had in the past couple of decades.

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We could do a lot worse than bring back John McClelland as chairman.

Unfortunately for many I'm a staunch believer that corrupt,dark forces within LBG & HMRC who were part of a masterplan by a former Lhabour cabinet minister(now in the lords)to destroy us was the reason the oldco met its fate.Nothing to do with McClelland's previous Chairmanship.

McClelland may be a bit long in the tooth now but is still well-respected in the Scottish business hierarchy

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McClelland may be a bit long in the tooth now but is still well-respected in the Scottish business hierarchy


He is indeed both as well as being well respected by the Scottish Government.


He is currently Chair of the Scottish Funding Council which promotes Further and Higher Education.


John McClelland has extensive business experience across the private and public sectors. He was Vice President of Worldwide Operations for IBM's personal computer company before joining Digital Equipment Corporation in 1995 where he was a Senior Vice President. He was also Global Chief Industrial Officer and board member of Philips Consumer Electronics and latterly President of 3Com's Business Networks Company.


He is Chair of Skills Development Scotland and Chairman of NQC Ltd.


In 2006, John conducted a review of public sector procurement in Scotland (The McClelland Report) and in 2011 completed a Review of ICT infrastructure in the public sector in Scotland, on behalf of the Scottish Government.


In 1994 he was awarded a CBE for his services to industry and education.


John is a former member of SHEFC and chaired its Quality Assessment Committee. He was appointed to SFC from 3 October 2005 to 2 October 2009. He was reappointed for a second term from 3 October 2009 to 2 October 2013.


He is notorious for an AGM coment about fans not being able to run things but we could do a lot worse.


He and Frank Blin have at least one mutual connection that I know of and it may even have been Frank who recommended him.

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