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Bilel Mohsni: Rangers can win every league game

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BILEL Mohsni has revealed Ally McCoist’s grasp of French is as strong as the bond he has built with his players at Rangers.


And the stopper reckons McCoist may have to call on his language skills more often as the former Southend and Ipswich man has already targeted a return to Europe’s elite.


The Light Blues legions have been given only fleeting glimpses of the centre-half this summer as a result of a transfer embargo that has restricted appearances to friendly matches.


Now the ban is up, his Rangers career can begin in earnest and he is looking to repay McCoist for the faith which persuaded him to sign.


Mohsni said: “I chose Rangers because of the manager. I am a player who must feel confidence in the coach and from the first minute he was very nice. He gave me all the confidence and I couldn’t wait to play for him.


“It is normal for him to be close to his team and that can help him sign players.


“He can also speak French – it is very good. There have been a lot of French players here in the past and this is why he can speak the language. Some managers only try but he can make a proper sentence and this is good.


“It has been very difficult to sit and wait for my chance. I am now looking forward to playing and hopefully I can start a league game next week.


“When I came to sign the boss told me I could not play until September 1 and I thought, ‘OK it’s only three weeks.’


“But it was mentally quite tough. It has been good because the team has enjoyed some good results but it’s still been very hard because I want to be part of it.


“I’d never heard of this situation before, where a club can’t sign players. When the manager told me I couldn’t play I also called my agent and asked, ‘Are you sure?’


“I’ve been told the basic story about how all this happened but everyone remembers the good moments when the club won the title and qualified for the Champions League.


“I believe we can play at that level again. We must win League One this season then go to the Championship and win that.


“This is such a big club. It’s crazy. You can look at the third tier of any league and there is no chance of finding 50,000 fans.


“The support is unbelievable and we must now show we can win every game and return back to the top because when I think of Rangers I think of the Champions League.


“I’m a PSG fan and when I was a boy Rangers were in the Champions League every year.


“They won the championship in Scotland every year and I remember thinking, ‘Wow, it can’t be easy to do that.’


“But Rangers did that. They are a massive club.”


Mohsni was at Glasgow Airport yesterday as Gers launched their new away kit at the club store.


Holidaymakers stopped for pictures on route to sunshine destinations but Mohsni insists Glasgow is already home from home, on and off the park.


He has singled out a clutch of team-mates for praise – and believes midfielder Robbie Crawford, just 20, has potential to be the best of the lot.


The 26-year-old added: “I see the quality we have in training and it’s unbelievable.


“Jon Daly scores for fun, Lee McCulloch too.


We have a lot of quality in the squad and we are focused on getting good results.


“Robbie Crawford can become a club legend. He plays with both feet and can score goals as well.


“He just needs more games plus a little bit more confidence and he will become one of the legends at Rangers.”


Mohsni hopes to make a name for himself at Ibrox as well and has been impressed by the warmth of his welcome.


He said: “I have been recognised more often in the street since the friendly game against Newcastle last month and the supporters have been good to me.


“Everyone is friendly and I’m looking forward to getting the chance to play for the fans.


“It will be the manager’s choice if I play in our next game against Arbroath. I don’t know if he will change his team, add players or keep the same squad.”


Rangers have squandered the chance of winning the League Cup this season with a shock defeat at Forfar, but Mohsni is backing his team to make amends in the Scottish Cup.


He said: “I hope we can deliver a trophy and believe we can. That’s why you play football, to perform and win silverware.


“It would be good for me in my first season to win a trophy or win the league.


“I also hope we can go the full season without losing in the league, although maybe as the campaign progresses the players in our squad will tire.


“That also applies to other clubs but I should be fresher as I haven’t played this first month.


“I also know just how much winning means to this club.”

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We should. We wont.


4 games 4 wins +18 goal difference, wont be long before this season starts to wear thin and the players let themselves down with a poor attitude to a game resulting in a draw or a defeat.


36 games is too many to play with a 100% or even undefeated when there is a lack of real competition to motivate them.


Not bashing the players or the manager. Thats just how it is.

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That is the target every season in every league,or it should be, whether it is achieved or not we'll have to wait and see obviously.


I don't agree with this. For a start you are setting yourself up to be a failure, the first time you drop points - what's your target after that? It becomes meaningless and complete failure.


Secondly, it means you take the eye off the ball for the real goal and task and messes with your motivation.


Thirdly, it can make you desperate and therefore make huge mistakes - imagine someone who tries to equal or break their best lap time in motorsport, in EVERY lap. They'll be pushing so hard that instead of getting a good result they are likely to crash almost every race. It's not quite the same in football but there are similarities. We always need to leave room for error and off days.


Just think of the pressure of golf and how many have succumbed to it - most famously Colin Montgomery, who never won a major even though he once just needed two bogeys in the last two holes to do it.


We should start every game with the aim of winning but aiming to win every game should not be an issue. Winning the league comfortably is a good enough aim instead. If we win every game then that is just a bonus that you look back on, not forward to.


It sounds easy enough if you have the best team but how come in 130 years of football, it's only been done once in the world? And that was a very short season of only 18 games.


Celtic have already failed in the last two seasons despite having no competition.

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