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CF - SPFL are considering transferring the 250k fine from oldco to newco

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Is this a bit of spin intended to divert attention from the boardroom issues?


You never know these days. It certainly wouldn't surprise me if that was the case, but the SPFL are short of cash and would probably consider all options including twisting the knife in our back again.

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You mean a day or so after Lawwell is appointed to the SFA board ... and probably is now privvy to all the neat facts and figures about our affairs with the SFA? (Written under the (ridiculous) assumption that the SFA did not tell him anything in minute detail anyway.)


If they pick certain things after the "agreement" has been signed, we should take them to a CoS about this whole blackmail excercise.

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We should simply utter this alloud to make them think again. Maybe an Operation Tango Mk. II is required? Just make it public via e.g. Leggat or McMurdo et al that "sources inside Ibrox" have said that taking the SPFL to court would be strongly considered. After all, it would be not much more than what Scrote spouts regularly.


Just in case ... if they want that money, does it mean they need it desperately? Did we not pay all fines of the oldco already?

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