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There was a time when I held the not so overly unrealistic desire for a club that was run astutely with a progressive approach to scouting, coaching and youth development. This is something I went on and on about in the early 00's on FF as a young lad when it became clear Murray was leading us into a path of destruction. Develop high quality talent and sell them on for a large profit. An aim to reach the later of the Europa or even CL on a good day. Surely the last 16 of the CL should not be out with the reaches of a club of our stature on a year by year basis? Also, an emphasis on intelligent attacking play with short passing. A club that prides itself on football the 'proper way', with our youth teams to seniors all playing the same brand of passing, attacking play.


Now all I want is a club that isn't falling apart. A club that is run by someone who wouldn't be at home in a reality TV show, with daily exploits in the red top tabloids. A club that might occasionally find a half decent player. A club that might make the later stages of the League Cup. A side that can play against half decent teams with something not resembling Wimbledon of the 90's. Things might finally look not overly bleak now that we have a non Celtic SPL XI playing in the third tier but I wonder how we will look when the hands that are dealt are more even.


Wake me up when the latter happens.

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That, then, opens the can of worms about how the governance would be achieved and who would represent us. That would be fun. A bloodbath.


Perhaps we need a Truth & Reconciliation Commission first, Chaired by Kofi Annan or Senator George Mitchell!


A broad based membership scheme, with democratically elected reps would be a start. The Trust, Assembly and Association could all be accommodated under that umbrella in my view (perhaps in a TUC- like arrangement) retaining their current structure or merging in time as they see fit. The key point is that they would be an Independant voice (or voices) advising the Club's members and influencing the elected reps.

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