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Traffic has actually improved a lot over the last year but generally I'd always prefer quality over quantity.


Generally I enjoy most forums but always feel this one has a better balance and standard of opinion. But then again, as as admin, I'm biased! :whistle:

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FF is notorious for banning anyone with a mindset that doesn't fall into what is expected. Believe it or not, RM is no better. Even Caseyjones has now been banned from RM. I told him he would be eventually as you just cannot articulate an opinion separate from the yes men without being culled.


dothebouncy is atrocious. It's a strange place where nobody seems to have anything worthwhile to say aside from praising everything and going on about how they are such die hards.


This is the best forum.

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Last time I read a post from Casey he said he wasn't supporting Rangers any more because we had died.


Didn't realise he was still posting on RM but I don't always use that forum other than the last few months which have proved very time-consuming and probably not all that worthwhile. In saying that RM (and FF) have very many good posters but as is the case with most forums - including this one - there are always vocal minorities and opinion formers that dictate the narrative.

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Casey still posted a lot in the other forums on RM, and his stand had softened somewhat with regards to us being a new club, but he still didn't post about Rangers. His banning was for challenging admin authority, like most forum bannings are. The majority of people on forums rarely have an opinion of their own, and just seem to either follow the crowd, or go against the grain. T'internet for ya. The forum wars are amusing though, if a little childish.

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I got banned once on RM by Jadams when they banned loads of people in one night for saying 'I hope RM isn't turning into a nazi forum like FF'. That got me banned. RM every so often has a huge banning cull that gets brushed under the carpet. Nobody with individualistic opinion tends to last.


I have far more respect for Casey's like than the handwringers you get on our forums. And Mark will resolve his ways and support Rangers again.


PS - He's someone that I always agreed with 100%. Always willing to call out Walter and Ally on the shite football we played and very switched on at all the atrocities occuring at our club. Unlike 99% of bears.


Rm's legacy has to be when WVB made a topic denouncing the fans who stood out against Whyte when he made the administration announcement. Pretty sure that post got heavily repped. Arse holes

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