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seen this on facebook

Just got back from a weeks leave in Sorrento, while mooching around the shops with the wife I was stopped by a young lady who admired my Rangers t shirt. She was an American from Atlanta who was a fellow Ger fan. We got chatting how come I supported Rangers & i asked her in return, why she did? "Oh my uncle Walter used to manage the club" !! we spent the next hour or so chatting about the club, the one thing that came out was that Uncle Walter doesn't do politics hence he appears to distance himself from certain individuals every now & again and wont be used as a pawn. His only interest is for the good of the club.

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One of the many tragedies from admin is legends playing the SDM line. Indeed, have we ever heard a 9iar player speak out and help the support? Would speaking out jepordise future Blue Room invites?


Only Walter and Nacho supported the RFFF but a few others demanded payment before they appeared in front of fans at various functions.

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