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THE under fire Rangers board’s spin doctor, Jack Irvine has branded highly respected and extremely successful Scottish businessman Jim McColl a “Bullshit Billionaire.”


The latest Irvine outburst comes nearly three weeks after Rangers chief executive Craig Mather promised a mini investigation into another lowlife Irvine insult when, in an email, Rangers controversial consultant PR man Irvine called the Greatest Ever Ranger, John Greig, thick.


That promise of a probe from Mather came a week after the Rangers Supporters Association, the Rangers Assembly and the Rangers Supporters Trust issued an angry joint statement deploring the Irvine email and its slur on Greig, whose statue stands outside Ibrox Stadium as a tribute to the 66 people killed in the Ibrox Disaster.


Now comes the latest intemperate and ill judged intervention from Irvine in a series of disgusting insults aimed at the quietly spoken and highly regarded in the real world Jim McColl.


For the avoidance of doubt the fact of Jim McColl’s wealth, as contained in the well informed Sunday Times Rich List for Scotland, published on 21st April this year, is that it stands at £1BILLION.


Though the self effacing McColl is more likely to play down claims that he is a billionaire and instead use that wonderfully modest West of Scotland phrase, beloved of those from the working class who have done well, that he is worth a few bob


Irvine, never a man to let the facts get in the way of his guttersnipe insults, made his “Bullshit Billionaire” comments in a conversation with BBC Scotland’s economics and business editor, Douglas Fraser.


And the exchanges were out there for millions to see as they took place on Twitter on Friday evening.


That was the same day as Irvine’s favourite poodle of a paper, the Sun, published a wildly inaccurate story which stated as a matter of fact that Paul Murray and Frank Blin had joined the Rangers board.


Twenty four hours later the same Sun had to snivel and climb down in another story, a short story, buried deep inside the paper. It was not even a proper apology, but attempted to retract that falsehood in a sneaky way.


Where the falsehood about Blin and Murray, which the Sun printed as fact, came from is anybody’s guess.


However, that particular story’s total lack of accuracy was in line with many of the other stories which Irvine has planted in the Sun, despite being on record in an email which I have in my possession – copies being kept safe by others – which says Irvine thinks Sun editor Andy Harries should be sacked.



Now, emboldened by Rangers backing his “thick” slur on John Greig, Jack Irvine has taken to Twitter, making grossly offensive and insulting remarks about Jim McColl.

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