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HRH The Prince of Wales thanks the Rangers Support

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taken from FF


I wrote to HRH Charles, Prince of Wales, extending to him an invitaion to the RSEA Dinner and informing him of the magnificent work done by the Rangers Fans for Erskine, the Charity for Ex Service Personnel of which he is Patron








I notice he doesnt decline the dinner invite in the letter,

so fingers crossed - lol



this letter is a thank-you to every single Bear who has helped Erskine via the RSEA or otherwise

anyone who has ever bought a badge, walked the walk, sponored someone else, danced, zip-slided, abseiled, cycled, treked, quizzed, golfed, kicked a baw, booled a bool, entered a raffle, bid a bid, bought a polo, calendar, hat, scarf, keyring, tie, tee shirt, book or attended a dinner, modelled, donated a prize or cash, downloaded a song, rattled a can or bucket

and to those who put Xmas parcels together.


It goes beyond FF and extends across VB, RM, DTB, CRO, TRS, (and others I may not even be aware of) facebook, loyal orders, RSC's, Pubs and various masonic Lodges

and many people within Rangers Football Club


the dinner will see us through £500,000


Please accept my sincere thanks




users of other forums please pass on my gratitude in a similar manner to your members

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My Dad met him the other day. Said he seemed a really nice guy.


Personally I think William should be the next King.


Doesn't work that way. Prince Charles will be king if he outlives his mother. But he might have to wait quite a few years and by then he might not have too long on the throne.

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It's all about lineage not a popularity contest where we all have a vote, that would more describe a president, and the desire for that pretty much makes you a Republican...


Maybe we should skip the next 20 million odd in line to the throne and make me king, or my cat. After all if we're making up our own arbitrary rules then I should get a say too.


Either we follow the basic rules of royalty or we may as well just abolish it. And if we're going to change the rules then it shouldn't apply until the next unborn generation. That would be like changing the rules of football halfway through the season.

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