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What are your player ratings & MOTM for the game today?

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What are your player ratings (marks out of ten) for the game today and who was your man of the match?


I never find scoring player ratings particularly easy, but I'll go for:


6 - Bell

5 - Foster

6 - McCulloch

8 - Mohsni (MOTM)

7 - Wallace

5 - Peralta

7 - Black

6 - Law

7 - Macleod

7 - Little

6 - Daly


I haven't included Templeton or Crawford, since they weren't on the pitch for very long.


Add a comment for each player too if you feel like it. :)

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Wish i'd seen this yesterday. Would be more prepared to do it soon after the game. Feels like a lot has happened since then and wouldnt trust my own scores.


I feel like Little is becoming the latest target in the squad in the ilk of Alan Hutton, Charlie Adam or Chris Burke who are far more accomplished players than given credit for.


Little was far from outstanding, but aside from taking too long over that chance in the first half and ultimately making an arse of it he had a reasonable enough game. There were comments on another forums match thread asking if he was the worst player to ever wear the jersey? Fuck me. I think he's a very useful first team player if not exactly the second coming of Laudrup.


There aren't huge differences in Zappa and Ian's scores (one or two aside) and I wouldnt be far away from either. (I would obviously score Little more like Zappa has) and agree Mohsni and Black were two of the better candidates for MOTM.

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I take it that 5 is average ...


5 - Bell (nothing to do, the GK is always the odd man out in somesuch)

6 - Foster

6 - McCulloch

7 - Mohsni

7 - Wallace

5 - Peralta

7 - Black (MOTM)

5 - Law

5 - Macleod

7 - Little

5 - Daly


And why again did Mohsni kiss Law after scoring his goal?

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