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Lifted from FF:



''Thats two younger lads now both under 19 had police come to their doors early morning to arrest them for singing said song. I was also told by a polis up in Ayr that FoCUS are watching out for people singing this now due to the YCV reference''.


Just a heads up.

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Another quote from FF:



Boy from Johnstone got a knock on his door yesterday morning, banned until his court date which is in November. He is in BF1 and i'm sure he is accused of singing this at East Fife home game.

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When we were waiting to pick up the SOS leaflets before the Stenny game Focus came along for a chat, they took aside one of the UB capos and warned him specifically about sing Fathers Advice and they specifically cited the YCV reference.


No idea what plod were basing this on though.

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To balance this, how many people from the IRA-supporting Hooped Horrors have by now been cited and warned?


Point remains: no matter what, as long as people sing sectarian stuff (i.e. FTP) or praise terrorists / murder gangs, the police has the right to charge these people. (That said, they would have to order a prison ship to the north banks of the Clyde to get all these people from the Scumhut locked up on a match day.)

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There's really nothing wrong with the songs in question here, it's getting beyond a joke.


Nothing, really? That's a matter of opinion, no? I mean people can link the UVF with WW1 legitimately but for a lot of people they're a sectarian murder gang with a bit of racketeering thrown in.

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