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BEFORE he was a professional footballer, before he was a coach, before he was a manager and before he was a director and chairman, Walter Smith was a Rangers fan. He remains a Rangers supporter. A bluenose!


In fact, he is the Rangers supporter the overwhelming majority of Rangers supporters trust the most when it comes to the club close to their heart.


Which is why the latest carefully weighed words from him should carry weight with the vast army of sane, sensible and rationale Rangers fans.


Though nothing anyone could say could get through to the few crazed loonies out the on the edge of sanity, one of whom seems to believe he is the Scottish reincarnation of Merlin.


Smith has had quite a lot to say this week, the first time he has spoken publicly since he resigned as chairman and endorsed Jim McColl, Paul Murray and the Requisitionists, an endorsement which remains in place. Indeed, an endorsement which may even have become more emphatic due to events since he left the Blue Room.


The core of Walter Smith’s comments came when he turned his attention to the motivation the current board has for its apparent desperate desire to cling on to power.


Smith, who won more trophies for Rangers than any manager since Bill Struth, wants to know just what it is which motivates those who are running Rangers and he claimed that there is an obvious suspicion that the club, with all of its glorious and unbroken 141-years of history, is not the main reason why people are running the club at the present moment.


What Smith said, what he wants to see after the AGM is a return to getting back to the fact that Rangers are a football club and should be run for the football club and for the football team, adding that he believes that would be a massive step.


The clear implication which must be taken from that is that Walter Smith believes the only people whose main reason for running Rangers for the sake of the club, are not those who are currently on the board.


Smith believes that Paul Murray and the others who want to stand for election at the Annual General Meeting are The People to run Rangers and run the club for the right reasons. Especially with Dave King as chairman calling the financial shots with his financial muscle.


But back to Merlin, the chosen mouthpiece for much of what the board and the Easdale’s attack dog Jack Irvine, wants people to believe. And back to elections. And democracy.


Last Friday evening, in the wake of the Court of Session action raised by Paul Murray to allow proper, open, contested and democratic elections to the Rangers board to take place, a statement appeared, as if by magic, on Merlin’s website, attributed to Jack Irvine, who Merlin told us, was speaking on behalf of the Rangers board. I have the screen grab.


This is what Irvine was reported as having said.


“A small group of shareholders served notices on the club seeking to have themselves appointed as directors at the AGM”


Note that word ... APPOINTED!


In fact what that small group of shareholders, led by Paul Murray, seek to do, is to stand for ELECTION and be ELECTED as directors. Which is an entirely different thing. Irvine, for whatever reason, was not exactly accurate.


Indeed, as things stand at the moment, there is not one Rangers director, not £300,-000-a-year chief executive Craig Mather, not £200,000-a-year and the same again as a bonus financial director Brian Stockbridge, not Ian Hart, not Bryan Smart and certainly not James Easdale who has ever been elected as a Rangers director.


They have all been appointed. A cosy wee unelected gang.


In fact, there are many who may believe they appear to have an aversion to the democratic process when it comes to their privileged positions.


Perhaps the man both the board and the Easdales employ as their attack dog, Jack Irvine and his lap dog, the man who would be Merlin, betrayed that mind-set when the word APPOINTED was used instead of the accurate and true representation of what the good men and blue led by Paul Murray actually seek.


Which is to be elected to serve the club as directors.


And to then set about what Walter Smith wants to see, which is a board whose reason for running Rangers is above suspicion. That would, as Smith so wisely said, be a massive step.

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