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DJ pretty much saying Peralta is "diving"

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I seem to remember him going down easily however that's a completely different issue from diving altogether. Maybe I'm wrong did he dive?


Even if he did I'm pretty sure I never seen a column about Sutton, Petrov, Moravcik, Stokes on 'that' penalty that the greek tranny missed ........... the list is endless.


Who needs enemies.

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Bang on JTP especially the bit about 'who needs enemies' It's bad enough the mhedia taking every slight opportunity to have a dig at us without our former players giving them ammunition. Peralta does go down easy but he's not the first and he certainly wont be the last. Maybe he used to watch Sutton and Hartson and he has learned from the experts!

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He's not exactly a tall and heavy fellow either, so the Scottish "hammer throwers" can brush him aside with ease.


That said, I'm not exactly a friend of "too much rolling about and looking like pole-axed, only to jump up again and haring down the wing 30 secs later". I would assume that our players will tell him that.

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Sure he has dived, but he has also received a far few sore ones thus far and i'm sure most fans would struggle to name many modern players who stay on their feet and takes a sore one nowadays when it's far easier to body swerve and fall over .

Not a fan of him rolling around though, i'm sure he'll not be so keen when it's a frozen muddy night at Bayview.


I seem to remember Petrov diving during a champions league match against Shaktner me thinks? when he actually landed on top the guy that was meant to have fouled him because he dived to soon resulting in the Russian player being sent off and the tims then taking the 3 points.


This one is a another classic from him and i don't recall him being branded a diver....


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Guest Belt & Braces

I have no problems with Peralta, he takes heat away from our man Black which allows Black's natural game to shine.


I also have no problem with deception, cheating , diving or whatever you want to call it.


Nobody has mentioned that the only reason Celtic got into the last 16 last time around and cashed a nice cheque, was all down to the long haired ,unshaven Greek forward who likes to star in shampoo adverts, yeah the same guy who has recently been touted as a Barcelona target....:facepalm:


Its a part of the game regardless.


I think everyone partakes in a little deception at various times in their life, being man enough to admit it is an entirely different thing all together.


Needless to say I think we hold Football players to, too high a standard.


@ Andy Steel,


Completely respect your opinion, however it is my opinion that ( we ) are the ones who need to wisen up and not Peralta, football is no longer about honour and fairness ( not if you are a Ranger anyway ) , its about big business and lots of money and in such environments, things tend to be cut throat.


As for DJ,


He's harmless so I tend not to pay too much attention to him, he always struck me as a bit inept when fighting Rangers' corner on the radio.

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don't forget Stokes' dive for Celt*c against Dundee Hibs earlier this season from which he got a freekick & scored the winner. Ii was one of the most blatant dives of all time but as expected Vincent Lunny overlooked it. I agree Peralta may need to watch as we're not in a level playing field here nowadays

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