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Celtic shareholders want UEFA to probe SFA over Rangers punishment

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CELTIC shareholders are demanding the club’s board lodge a formal complaint with UEFA over Rangers’ readmittance to the Scottish Football League following its financial collapse.


A resolution set to be tabled at the club’s AGM on November 15 calls upon the board to demand a probe into how “an unqualified new club” formed after the Ibrox side’s liquidation was allowed entry into the league by the SFA.


They claim Scotland’s footballing bosses contravened the UEFA code of conduct by granting a licence and put other clubs vying to enter the league at a disadvantage.


The Celtic board has urged that the motion is rejected, saying that requesting a UEFA investigation would be “unnecessary”.


But shareholders have promised a “fiery debate” over the resolution, which states sections of the Hoops’ shareholders have “no confidence in the SFA’s governance”.


Rangers entered administration in February last year. Charles Green’s Sevco bought the club’s assets last June as it faced liquidation and later changed the name to The Rangers Football Club Plc.


The Ibrox club was removed from the SPL but its membership of the SFA was transferred to the new owners, allowing it to start last season in Division Three. Celtic shareholders have raised questions about the SFA’s decision, claiming it displayed “a disregard for the rules and spirit of fair play” and “contradicted FIFA, UEFA and SFA mission statements”.


The resolution also claims the SFA was involved in “secret cross governance agreements” to get Rangers back in the league, allowed the club to compete “without proper registration compliance” and that the SFA failed to initiate an “inquiry on improper player registration”.


It is also stated “our concern is directed at the governance of the game in Scotland, the SFA, and its apparent disregard for the licensing designed to protect against such commercial impropriety and ensure sporting integrity”.



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sounds like newspaper shite but would like it to be true; would show their continued obsession with us, not only locally but on a larger UK scale, as this story would get plenty of SSN coverage, plus would display a massive nervousness within their smaller shareholders about what will happen once we're back in the top division.


I fail to understand, if the story had any basis of reality, where the resolution instigators, thought where this motion could go. It isn't going to harm Rangers, may show up the small mindedness of septic fans/shareholders, please let it be true.

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