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Statement on behalf of the Rangers Supporters Association, Rangers Supporters Assembly and the Rangers Supporters Trust.



The events of the past week have caused further anxiety among Rangers fans and we now call upon the club and their advisers, Daniel Stewart, to clarify a few matters as quickly as possible. The next few weeks are a critical period for us all and, after what we've been through, we need some measure of reassurance that there will be stability soon.


Firstly, when will the club AGM be held? The delay resulting from the Court of Session ruling last Monday followed by the resignations of Craig Mather and Brian Smart leaves the current Board of Directors extremely vulnerable. Whilst we welcome the words of reassurance from Brian Stockbridge that the club's finances are stable and operations will continue as normal, we feel it is imperative that the AGM is convened as a matter of urgency.


Secondly, given the level of concern among fans regarding the ownership and finances of the club over the recent past, and the various investigations that have been undertaken, we feel it is vitally important that the individuals that are behind both Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita Holdings are made known to remove any doubt that there are connections to either Craig Whyte, Imran Ahmed or Charles Green. Both Walter Smith and Ally McCoist have spoken of the need to "cleanse" the club of all the rumour, speculation and innuendo. The identity of the individuals behind these two shareholder groups is a significant part of that "cleansing" process.


Thirdly, we call upon the Easdale brothers to clarify their position going forward. They are now in a prominent position both in terms of their shareholding and influence on the Board and it is important that fans understand their view of the future structure of the Board and the running of the club.


The club has adopted a very defensive position recently in efforts to rebuff allegations and clarify misinformation. Now is the time to take a positive stance and provide the fans with the clarity and factual information we request and to take the lead in shaping the way forward.

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FFS give them a chance to reorganise an AGM, they also may be aware that the CEO resigned and this may also be causing a alight delay.


Did they ask their members about these questions they were putting forward and why mention Whyte, they could of just asked for clarity to whom is behind the two holdings, instead they choose to scare monger, I thought we had an investigation into this, but maybe not.


Would I be able to see who all invested in the RST share scheme as I have some worries their may be some savoury characters.

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The penultimate paragraph for me is the one that could be justified most and add some pressure. If there is a direct statement from [some of] the fans directed at the Easdales and they chose to ignore it each time then the pressure mounts. They are running out of people to hide behind.

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is Mike Ashley behind Margarita & BPH ? do the Easdales have proxy voting rights for these two companies?

Once he sells Newcastle will he increase his shareholding in Rangers?


No, Mike Ashley holds shares under his own name. I'm not aware of him ever expressing an interest in increasing his shareholding.

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What is their combined membership numbers, who do they speak for.


Hard to say. The Assembly represents all supporters clubs, members of NARSA, ORSA, disabled supporters committee, blind party and the corporate sector. The Association represents RSCs who are members and the RST represents about 2.5K members.

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