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Anybody saddened to see this cease to be as of Wednesday 30th October?


The telly service was full of sports news including footy latest news covering individual clubs on both sides of the border which had dedicated pages on Rangers as well.


The BBC text service in comparison hasn't had much to say about Rangers since our drop to the lower leagues and only report on the negative stories that emerge, never ever do we get a match report from them, not a mention either of tonights Ramsdens Cup semi-final match at Ochilview whereas over on Sky you get team news followed by a full match review after the game.


I'll miss Sky Text...but thankfully we do have 'Gersnet where anything you want to know about Rangers can be found. :yesrfc:

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My folks use the bbc text service regularly. Old habits die hard though. I did a quick check and the articles are the same as compared with the website. Quite why they would use the telly when they've invested in Kindle Fire's, is anyones guess.

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Awright awright bunch of :wanker::wanker::wanker: I like to read it when relaxing with a cuppa in front of the tv without the laptop in my road. :)


Get a small tablet (or smartphone) and a smart tv. You can browse on the tablet and then "throw" the page to the tv... MirrorLink and Widi compatible stuff will be even better.

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still use Sky text, agree with Calscot, good to use when you're in front of the telly, split screen stuff, mixture of sport and text, Sky had a dedicated Rangers page, thought it was good information source. Disappointed to see it go, in fact had been trying it today and couldn't work out why it wasn't working, until I read this!

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